15 social media fashions for your everyday nerd

Here at DragonSearch, we can’t really deny our inner geeks…after all, we do play on the interwebs all day. And for some of us, our inner dork translates into our outward fashion (see also: Ric Dragon’s Happy Socks). That is why yours truly has compiled a list of some über fun, and obviously nerdy, fashion finds for the social media dork in all of us.

Twitteriffic Twitter Accessories

Fail Whale Necklack

Hoist Fail Whale Necklace -$22

There’s nothing I love more than unique Twitter fashion, and that’s why I love this Fail Whale necklace from hoist. To the average person, it looks like a nice necklace with an oddly place phrase. However, to the Twitterholic, it is a must-have accessory for their repertoire.

Twitter hashtag necklace

Handle and Hashtag Custom Necklaces from Twittabling-$60

Nothing screams “Follow me on Twitter!” quite like a blingin’ necklace with customized with your Twitter handle on it. Is there a hashtag that you love (shoutout to #usguys)? You can add that to a necklace too! Twitter chic-#justsayin.

Twitter fail tie

Twitter #Fail Tie from Zazzle-$47

My favorite piece of Twitter clothing, hands down, is the #Fail tie. Why? Part of it is that I have a sense of humor. The other part is that, working in an office, I know that you sometimes feel like you’re having a #Fail day. So why not express it in a tie!
Custom Twitter party shoes

Twitter Party Shoes from Etsy-$225

I’m the self-professed queen of party dresses, shoes, shorts, hair, etc. If you can put “party” in front of it, I probably already love it. That’s why I was drooling the first time I saw these party Twitter shoes. That’s right-custom painted stilettos complete with a family of Twitter birds. Slip these babies on and you’re ready for a night on the town after a long day of tweeting.

Twitter cuff links

Twitter @ Cufflinks from Etsy-$20

Gentlemen: how do you expect to show up to BlogWorld and New Media Expo 2011 in May without looking spiffy? Keep those cuffs in in check with these @ cufflinks. You’ll be the envy of all your Tweeps, I promise!

Google Gear for Your Inner (and Outer) Geek

Custom Google sneakers

Custom Google Shoes from Brass Monki

If you’ve ever met “El Jefe” Ric Dragon in person, you’ve probably noticed that he likes his Google fashion. In fact, I’m pretty sure he can’t leave home sans his Google fleece and man bag. Not surprisingly, these custom Google shoes from Brass Monki are his favorite item on the list. You can’t really blame him, can you?

YouTube Clothing Just for You!

YouTube Socks

YouTube Socks-$6

Although there’s a plethora of YouTube accessories available online, I had to give a shout out to the YouTube socks once again for Ric Dragon’s sake. I also enjoy the play on words…get it? You…tube socks?

Fun (and Funky) Facebook Fashions

Facebook like temporary tattoo

Facebook “Like” Temporary Tattoos on Etsy-$5

These Facebook accessories are not for the casual “Liker”. Introducing the Facebook “Like” temporary tattoos: If you enjoy liking things, why not like your own skin? It’s an interesting concept, but I’m not sure my nerd crush on Mark Zuckerberg is big enough for me to actually rock one of these.

mark by Mark Zuckerberg t-shirt

Mark by Mark Zuckerberg T-Shirt-$23

Speaking of Zuckerberg, we all know The Social Network propelled the Facebook mogul into fashion icon status. Who knew that The Zuck would land his own Facebook clothing line: Mark by Mark Zuckerberg? The Marc Jacobs pun makes these t-shirts a witty find for any Facebook fanatic.

Facebook dress

Facebook Dress by Tuxedo Confessions-$195

You know those people on people on Facebook who friend request everyone and their mother? That’s just the kind of person I could picture sporting a Facebook dress.  This look is only for the vainest of social media fanatics.

Don’t Forget QR Code Fashion

QR code scarf

QR Code Scarf by Office Lendorff – $53 – no longer available

When it’s cold outside and no one can see your Facebook dress underneath your long pea coat, never fear! Rock your QR code around your neck with this custom scarf from Office Lendorff in London.

QR code belt buckle

QR Code Belt Buckle from Fluid Forms

Fluid Forms makes more fun uses out of QR codes. Not only do they create custom QR code belt buckles, you can also find rings and cufflinks in the same style.

For the Bloggers, Apple Lovers and So Much More

Gadget technology silly bandz

Gadget Bands from Perpetual Kid-$5

If you love your Mac/iPhone/iPod so much, why don’t you wear it on a rubber band around your wrist? Thanks to Perpetual Kid, now you can! These bands are great, especially for Apple enthusiasts who can’t express their love enough through stickers on their car.

arial type font shirt

Not My Type Shirt-$42

Nothing says “not interested” in techy language like the Not My Type font shirt. Oh, you use Arial? Sorry, I don’t think we can be friends.

RSS feed me t-shirt

Feed Me RSS Shirt on Etsy -$16

Any RSS t-shirt that reads “Feed Me”? You had me at email signup. Bloggers can’t help but love this t-shirt.

So there you have it, my top picks for the most unique social media and tech gear available. So before you pack for the #140conf or Blog World East, make sure you’ve stocked up enough of these items to turn heads and inspire Twitpics.

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