How to get Twitter Updates to Be Status on a FaceBook Public Fan Page Live Feed

Since the beginning of this year, I have been on a constant quest for the perfect Twitter application. I knew exactly what I wanted and exactly what I required this application to do.  I searched Goggle looking for answers.  I watched to see if others wanted the same thing. I spoke to sales guys at conferences to see if their Twitter tools came close to what I wanted it to do.  I combed InsideFacebook and All Facebook wanting this app. 

I couldn’t find it.

All I wanted was either a Facebook application or Twitter tool that would allow me to use a company Twitter stream to update the wall feed on a client’s fan page that is built through my personal Facebook account.

It should be really easy, but it’s not.

When you manage about 30 odd Twitter accounts and then run 24 Facebook Fan pages off your own personal Facebook profile, services that turn actions into Tweets and Tweets into status updates are among my favorite things.

I keep on perfecting what I call the “Social Media Loop”.

It’s a tightly controlled web of profiles and services that are working together to create a seamless web presence. It’s basically made so that any given person on any day, could log into a few key services and then casually poke around the web following their interests and news of the day in their industry.  They could do this very naturally and very organically and if it was their own computer, they would hardly ever have to bother signing in to places. 

The idea thought, is that any one action they would so, say, Digg an article; would create a chain reaction on the other social media paths and all of the profiles would get notified that “BrandX has dug this article at”  It makes being active in social media much easier and yet, still very natural.  No matter what a person or a “brand” does online, it tells all the different communities and is constant sharing.   It’s my ideal social media world.

Of course, with social media, it keeps developing and keeps changing.

 Services change and they add stuff. Places that seemed secure just implode and disappear.  I keep tweaking the system and watching for updates; searching for that magic tool that will jump my Facebook profile and get Tweets on Public Fan Pages.

The other day, late at night, I figured it out.

I found my missing link that can get Tweets on a Facebook Fan page Live Feed.

And it’s so easy it’s insane. I can’t believe that no one else has done this yet. Maybe they have and they are just not saying, but I looked for it again the other day and still, people were trying to find that perfect app/tool/service. I means it’s so simple..and I am not a brain surgeon.  The only problem is that it is Friendfeed: that just got bought out by Facebook.

And if Facebook eats up Friendfeed, I will just cry and cry. I need my Friendfeed.

See, if Friendfeed becomes the hub, so to speak, for a company profile, I run all the branded profiles into Friendfeed:

Whatever service there is that I have built a profile for; I add that to the feed.

What’s especially nice is that if the company is more like a small sole proprietor and that client is active on Facebook, I can add their personal status and note feeds to the Friendfeed hub too. Plus, while not every service can get taken into FriendFeed, many sites are quickly adapting to Twitter and they allow actions on their sites to become Tweets. 

social-media-loop-8-09Then I take the actual friend feed feed.. and I import that into the notes section of  a Facebook Fan  Public Profile page. And the notes, all become updates on the live feed wall.

So Tweets run through Friendfeed and update a company status on a Facebook fan page!

It means everything done while logged into to a client can become an almost instant Facebook interaction.  

Plus the Friendfeed can be used the same way to update status in Ning Communities and any other place that accepts a feed.

And it creates a most beautiful social media update/status distribution loop, though one does have to watch to make sure they do not overconnect, then you tend to get double posts of some things.

ETA:   I find it amusing that now Facbook has introduced a way for Page Administrators to  use the Fan page updates to become Tweets, but NOT the other way around!

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