Cutting the ribbon. The first pitch in a new stadium. The kick-off event in a renovated venue. The maiden voyage of an innovative jetliner.

It was a special evening where Dragons made a statement in their new Hudson Valley production space. The message was that our digital marketing team is driven to elevate the community in an effort to share our knowledge. We want to give back by bringing value to local business and organizations. Naturally, it was our Workshop on Social Media Advertising that started this off.

Spirited Social Interaction was in the Evening Air

Dragons Evan Auerbach – Digital Marketing Strategist – and Ralph Legnini – Senior SEO/SMM Project Manager – sculpted an innovative workshop designed to give business owners behind-the-scenes insight into the process we use at DragonSearch for running social advertising campaigns. Facebook ads, Twitter ads, LinkedIn ads – are all great, but before you jump in to the waters of paid advertising, we advise that you take some swimming lessons first to make sure that your campaigns will be a success.

The group of participants were extremely interactive in their individual groups, and seamlessly moved through all the stages as the workshop progressed. Each group was assigned the profile of a fictitious business or non-profit, and their focus of the night was how to do social advertising for that particular organization.

It all started with a discussion and exercises on Understanding Your Brand, exploring the following four important questions:

  1. What makes your company unique?
  2. What separates you from your competitors?
  3. How will you declare success?
  4. What does success look like?

Often, even a CEO may have a skewed overview of the business they started and are so interwoven with, and may have difficulty answering these queries accurately.

We next entered the area of Determining Goals, and defined differences between a Goal and an Objective. For the sake of this workshop, one Primary Goal was defined and three Objectives to obtain that Goal were chosen.

Following some conversation on that topic, we moved to our Audience Segmentation exercise – where the workshop attendees were instructed to do a deep dive into who are the potential, the loyal, and the possible recurring customers to attempt to reach via social ads. It was also determined what makes a valid and substantial Segmentation Group – and why it would be better to target ‘men who shop at Home Depot who drive Jeeps’ over ‘retired sailors with an arm hook who read Rolling Stone Magazine’.

Putting the Actual Social Ad Together

Once the entire social ad thought process was explained, expanded on, and all the digital marketing exercises completed, Auerbach and Legnini introduced the workshop contingent to the Facebook, Twitter and Linkedin social ad platforms, showing how all the work the group had just accomplished fit seamlessly right into choosing the best social media channel. The workshop clearly highlighted the importance of following a thoughtful and creative process.

How to Build YOUR Business – One Social Ad at a Time!

Like building blocks – business growth generally happens in steps and stages. With social media ads, marketers have a different view of the digital landscape. Online branding and messaging has the potential for reaching your company’s target audience and that audience will certainly expand as we move into the future.

You can start with just a dollar (or few) each day. Results can be tracked and analyzed so the advertising can be refined and even more laser targeted, getting your company in front of the people that need your products and services.

How do you refine your analysis and apply that laser focus? Sounds like the makings of a future Workshop at DragonSearch! In the meantime, if you are eager to improve the SEO on your website, check out our next workshop!

Are you running social ads? Having success? We would love to hear about it in the comments below.