Ric Dragon, owner of digital marketing agency DragonSearch, will launch his latest book, “Social Marketology,” on July 11 at a book signing event hosted at the Barnes & Noble store in Kingston, N.Y from 5:30-7pm. The social media marketing book is published by McGraw-Hill and was just released in June.

Social Marketology book cover

Social Marketology by Ric Dragon

“Social Marketology” Outlines Social Media Marketing Process

“Social Marketology” provides companies with a framework with which companies can create a process for their social media activities and improve engagement with their customers. Author Ric Dragon is a sought after speaker and has developed over many years a unique ability to help companies achieve their overall digital marketing goals by using social media tools effectively. “Social Marketology” is his second book, his first a Mc-Graw Hill published e-book, “The DragonSearch Online Marketing Manual.” Dragon, who founded the DragonSearch digital marketing agency in 2007 with partner Don Tallerman, has focused on the future of social media in his writing because he sees it as a “here-to-stay” element of any marketing program.

Please join Ric and DragonSearch “Dragons” for this fun, informative event. Ric will be signing books, available at the store, and will deliver a short presentation followed by Q&A.  RSVP to the event through Facebook.