SMX East is one of, if not THE, premier east coast event for the search marketing industry. It is essentially a gathering of the greatest minds in the PPC, SEO and Social Media worlds of marketing. Or for those that aren’t involved in these fields, a convention for geeks.

Nonetheless, SMX East provides unbelievable learning opportunities for the novice PPC specialist up to the most experienced PPC expert. Going even further, SMX East allows for tremendous networking opportunities between those in the industry, thus generating even more thought provoking discussions outside of the vast array of sessions offered over the 3 days starting October 4th.

I learned a lot at last year’s event and hope to learn even more this year while taking advantage of the aforementioned networking opportunities. That said, I’ll be sharing this tremendous insight and knowledge offered by the greatest minds in the PPC industry via Twitter throughout the 3 days of SMX East. If you are unable to attend SMX East, please be sure to check out my Twitter feed @Andy_G_PPC from October 4th through the 6th for as much info as I can fit into a 140 character limit on the sessions I’m attending.

An Agenda To Get the Blood Pumping

Last year’s SMX East offered a good smattering of PPC related sessions; however this year offers a full course Thanksgiving feast that can send any person into a food coma. That said, here’s a look at the top 5 sessions I’m definitely looking forward to:

Retargeting: The New Behavioral Ads

When Google released its retargeting capability earlier this year, I got so excited that I wrote A Simple Guide to Setup Google Remarketing, but let’s face it; the way Google changes the PPC industry these days, nothing is off limits to an update. As a result, I’m looking forward to discovering new nuances of retargeting and how to take our clients to the next level with their own retargeting campaigns in this session.

Inner View: Google’s Keyword Research Tool

Google recently unveiled its new Keyword Tool, which caused a lot of anger and uproar in the Internet marketing industry due to the previous version being much more accurate and useful in comparison to this newer version. That said, Google keyword research tools are still free and when it comes right down to it, nothing beats free baby. Hopefully this session will answer some lingering questions I have about the Google Keyword Tool and how to leverage Google Instant and other new Google features for keyword research.

Facebook Ad Tactics for Search Marketers

DragonSearch has a few clients utilizing Facebook ads, but I’m really interested in discovering some other features within the Facebook advertising platform that we may be under utilizing at this time. In addition, I’m curious to see if the moderators in this session address past experiences in regards to industries that thrive on Facebook ads and those that are not exactly the best fit. You will always have inklings as to what industries would perform best on Facebook ads, but it’s best to get another advertiser’s opinion to reaffirm your thinking before axing the idea completely.

Search Ads: The Next Generation

Google has gone crazy this year with releasing new features to be used within the traditional Google AdWords ads found on search results pages. Such features include sitelinks, location extensions, and video plus box extensions. Although nearly all of our clients utilize location and sitelink extensions, I’m curious to know how video plus box extensions are performing for other advertisers as we have only a few clients using this feature. Hopefully this session will answer this question and provide further insight into better ways to leverage these new features for DragonSearch PPC clients.

Credit Where Credit Is Due: Demystifying Attribution

The holy grail of search engine marketing is providing the appropriate attribution and credit to all traffic sources associated with not only a user’s visit, but more importantly a purchase or lead. Did a Facebook ad have the first impact on a user or did they start with a generalized search on Google? Did a banner ad lead them to search for a brand’s name on Bing? I’m really, really interested in hear this session’s panel talk about ways to try and overcome some of the obstacles associated with attribution.

Will You Be At SMX East?

Are you going to be at SMX East at some point during the 3 day stretch?

What are some sessions you’re looking forward to?

Also, I’d love to meet up and talk PPC at SMX East with anyone interested. Let me know if you’ll be attending by leaving a comment or just look for the guy in the picture from above.