A new martial arts student usually has this initial question: What do I have to do to receive a black belt, and how long will it take? There are many anecdotes of a Sensei responding by reaching into the closet and handing the inquiring person a black belt right then and there. This displays clearly that the belt itself – is relatively meaningless. The necessary knowledge and training needs to be acquired through hard work and dedication within a continuous effort to polishing the stone. When one actually reaches the black belt level – what years before seemed like the ultimate height – is now perceived as just the beginning of the climb, and a new journey further up the ladder commences.

Social Media Marketing is More Than Getting a Few Retweets

Batting over 300 consistently, getting a PhD, gaining your pilot instrument rating – these are all personal development plateaus in your chosen endeavor.

We know there are some good, and some not so good, social media marketers. What is the standard to judge this in our own field?

Social Media Marketing World 2014 in San Diego

Promotional logo image for SMMW 2014 event in San Diego, California with Social Media Speaker Ric Dragon doing a presentation.

Ric Dragon, CEO of DragonSearch Marketing in NYC, is anticipating the opportunity to share his thoughtful and tested evaluation standards with participants at the upcoming Social Media Marketing World event in San Diego March 26, 27 and 28th, 2014. As an international speaker, workshop leader, and author of the acclaimed marketing handbook Social Marketology, Ric lives and breathes social media. DragonSearch, a boutique digital marketing firm, is the home of two dozen professionals driven daily to live up to Dragon standards, and the bar is not always so easily reachable in an ever changing social landscape.

Step Up the Ladder towards Social Media Heaven

As we begin 2014, where are you or your agency as a Facebook marketer? Or on LinkedIn, G+ or Twitter? Pinterest, Instagram, YouTube or Vine? Are you a consistent 60 home run hitter, or only intermittently capable of hitting one over the infielder’s head on your lucky day?

Ric has developed an organizational identification of the various skill plateaus that will take you from social media earth to heaven. It is a Five Level social media capability assessment appraisal. Twitter is more than a nice Retweet; Facebook is more than a well optimized profile. Each social platform is a unique eco-system, and Ric’s presentation will provide an approach to simplify and remove platform confusion, and clarify exactly what your knowledge and technique should be on each individual social media entity. Using his Level Five assessment, you will learn how to construct your own continuing education program and achieve the goal of marketing excellence.

SMMW 2014 Session Take-A-Ways

• How to assess yourself or others in social media marketing
• How to assess your organization or client organizations
• How to create your own program of assessment and continuous improvement

This exciting presentation will show you how to scientifically assess and improve your social media to Level Five. Once, there, you will see there is not much competition. As Mike Tyson used to say, “How dare they challenge me with their primitive skills!”

Ric Dragon’s session will inspire you to start training for your social media marketing black belt at this year’s SMMW 2014.

This event is not to be missed. Here’s the registration link:
Social Media Marketing World 2014

And be sure to check out the #smmw14 hashtag to follow the buzz!