Social Media BooksWhen you read a lot of books on a particular discipline, you find that you are often reading the same message over and over again. Because of this, when I pick up a book on online marketing or social media, I do so with a sharp pencil and a ruler, with the full intention of identifying each single nugget of wisdom. It also provides a clue to my co-workers as to what I find interesting, and helps us all to develop a common story.

Now, Six Pixels of Separation by Mitch Joel is a book I bought when it first came out back in September 2009.   And while I did take a stab at it then, I just wasn’t ready for another, what seemed to me at the time, evangelical tome on the benefits and means of social media. I put it down, and it joined the stack-o’books (real photo of said stack to the right) that would join me on my work-acation on Cape Cod.

So envision this: I’ve got my pencil and ruler in hand.  Bring those nuggets on.  And guess what happened: no underlining.  I really couldn’t find too many factoids or bits that I felt would expand my arsenal of online marketing tools. Very similar to what I wrote about Brian Solis back in April – what we have here is a bona fide evangelist.

But I found myself flipping to the BACK of the book, and jotting down notes.  I found myself REALLY enjoying this book.  And I think it has really changed the way I think about some things.  And I think it’s helped to change the way I do some things at DragonSearch when I get back.

At DragonSearch, we’ve already been in the middle of a blog overhaul.  The team has all been contributing, and the content has been developing nicely.  I don’t think, however, that we’ve had a clear direction, or audience in mind – we’ve just been in the DOING IT mode.

We are moving into a phase where we need to be building not only audience, but relationships.  And this is where Mitch’s wisdom comes into play.  Throughout his book, he keeps hammering away at it.  And we’ve been “kind of” doing it.  We’ve hosted many events in the Hudson Valley, we’ve built our business on relationships – but we need to get fanatical about it.

DragonSearch is a “learning organization”

Over 30% of our earnings are invested back into training, learning, and mentoring.  That learning is core to our value.  Marketing managers are overwhelmed by the changing landscape of online marketing and our job is to help them benefit from that arena, both strategically and tactically.  Our blog needs to be an extension of that.

So, many thanks to Mitch Joel for the great read.  And to all of my co-workers, friends, and clients, I’d put this book on the list for your next vacation.

Have you already read Six Pixels?  What do you think?  Do you have any must-read books for us?