Following the sweep of thorough reviews in my colleague Deidre’s series on Social Media Marketing and brand management tools, the rest of us dragons are motivated to jump in and provide reviews as well.

Up next on our review list is Simplify360, a company whose social media management tool is boosted by a reader-friendly social media analysis component.


Core Strengths are Social Media Management & Monitoring Social Media

The advantage of Simplify360, besides providing a slick interface for social media monitoring, is that it allows you to keep an eye on the competition without needing explicit access to their social media account credentials.

Simplify360 adjusts to accommodate users who prefer a more visual or ones who are data-driven. Although the user will need to understand a bit about data-gathering to use the tool, both the website and the Simplify360 team are responsive and offer resources for assistance.

Features that will please an agile social media marketing team include:

  1. Cloud-based data storage, so that any team member can access their data remotely
  2. Task assignment function with the option to ping the team member via email
  3. Ability to actually send social media messages via the social mention display tool
  4. Multiple user account capabilities, so each team member can sign in individually
As a team member, each of these features can come in very handy while using social media monitoring tools as a group. Fitting DragonSearch’s tall list of demands for a brand management tool was a bit harder, but Simplify360 makes a mighty grab for gold. In its features list for online reputation monitoring, the advantages are on par with other tools:
  1. Listing social media mentions and rating each one positive/negative
  2. Dashboards designed for social media reputation management via branded terms & social
  3. A date selection tool that will allow the user to choose a day/week/any date range to analyze

Social Media Analysis & Reporting: Simplify360’s Hidden Gem

A great feature within this tool is its versatility where graphics are concerned. When viewing a certain campaign/search query, a user will see a variety of graphics that synthesize the data. This is helpful if the data is truly large and impossible for one user to mine effectively.

A user can glean the full scope of the current date range data with a steady sweep of the graphs all situated on the front page of the query. Social media analysis is greatly assisted with that visual component, and Simplify360 took the time to make it very user-friendly.

Exporting graphic images for your social media report in progress is only one part of the bonus. The other part is that you can export the actual data used to create the graphic – the images are not generated by some mysterious algorithm in the social media monitoring tool’s back-end.

The final added bonus is that you can export any or all of the data from your search queries after a certain period of using the product. That means you can use the information, the comparative analysis AND the graphics generated by the Simplify360 platform, and generate your own social media report components from the downloaded data.

 Who Should Choose & Use This for Monitoring Social Media

At the lowest level of membership, the cap on your saved search results is 10,000 (this target limit is a ballpark, so talk with your rep about specifics), so you will want to watch it closely to find the most effective mix of queries for your needs. And regarding membership accounts, the monthly opt-in price starts at fairly low and can vary per user and per desired query results limit. If you try it and don’t like it, you can stop after your first month.

The list of benefits here is lengthy, including various parts of brand management and social media monitoring that Simplify360 addresses. Agencies that service clients can use the tool handily as well as small and medium single businesses.

The team is highly responsive, both via email and in social media customer service, so incorporating your individual needs into using the tool is easier than you’d think. My guide, Naren, is a great starting point if you’d like to check out how Simplify360 can improve your social media monitoring effectiveness, so drop him a note at [email protected]