ppc ads for branded keywords: why or why not

If you’re thinking of paying for PPC ads for branded keywords like your client’s business, brand or product names, read these FAQs first.

1. Does my client already come up organically for these branded keywords? 

Your client may already rank highly for its branded keywords in organic searches. If so, there may not be a reason to invest in pay-per-click (PPC) ads for these terms.

2. Are my client’s competitors using my client’s branded keywords in their digital advertising?

If so, you probably want to do the same; while who should own certain industry keywords is up for debate, branded keywords aren’t.

3. Are there common misspellings of my client’s business or product names, or other branded keywords?

If your client’s brand name or other unique keywords are commonly misspelled, you can capture these Google search slipups with PPC campaigns; organic search may not do the trick.

4. Are there variations on my client’s branded keywords that consumers may search?

If your client is Bill’s Burgers of Woodstock, you may want to run ads for keyword variations like “Bill’s Burgers,” “best burgers in Woodstock,” “Bill’s Burgers NY” and “Bill’s Burgers Upstate NY.”

5. Will bidding on branded keywords cannibalize some of my client’s organic clicks?

If your client is already ranking at the top for its branded keywords, you may cannibalize some of these would-be free visits, but it may be worth it anyway to boost your client’s chances of receiving the highest total number of clicks. Of course, if your client does not own its own branded keywords in organic search, it definitely makes sense to run ads for these terms.

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