dear agency: balancing seo needs and web development resources

Dear Agency,
We’re not sure that our dev team can handle the amount of recommendations you’ve made in the SEO audit. We just think it will overwhelm our team.”
Backlogged in Boise

Dear Backlogged in Boise,

With SEO, more than with other forms of digital marketing, there’s often an initial surge of tasks for the web development team that are brought about by the agency’s initial recommendations. It’s important to keep in mind that these recommendations range from mission-critical (such as the discovery of an errant noindex tag, for example) to less critical ‘nice-to-have’ improvements that should be weighed against the cost of implementation.

A good agency takes a leadership role in prioritizing these changes and packaging recommendations in a way that is easy for developers to digest. You should never feel like your development team is drinking out of a firehose of SEO requests, with no consideration given to their resources or the predicted benefits.

Finally, there is far more to SEO than generating work tickets for web developers. A well-rounded strategy will allow you to shift resources into content development, optimization, outreach, etc. This can be a great way to keep fueling growth, even when there is a bottleneck in the production pipeline, or the team is waiting for those ‘nice-to-have’ feature requests that are farther off in the horizon.



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