Boondoggle- work of little or no value done merely to look busy (definition by Wordnet)

The term “boondoggle” acquires painful precision in the articles by Jill Whalen and Eric Ward, which have elicited a large number attacks from those who do not quite agree (to put it mildly) with their stances on SEO strategies.

The Boondoggle

bridge_to_nowhereIt is difficult for professionals to be told by fellow professionals that the sweat from their brow is caused by boondoggle, hence the acrimony Ms. Whalen’s and Mr. Ward’s words continue to draw.  Whistleblowing is never an easy task for the whistleblower(s), and the harsh but very possibly valid criticism of certain long treasured SEO strategies and techniques is not something that can merely be ‘attacked’ away by SEOs who are afraid of reconsidering their designs.  However one may react to the abovementioned readings, it all comes down to data and its analysis; and one can be almost certain that both Jill Whalen and Eric Ward have enough of it to backup their criticisms.

Each author appears to have a significant case for the obsolescence of certain SEO methods.  For example, Whalen–the CEO of the search marketing firm High Rankings–cites the lack of effectiveness of H1 tags, XML sitemaps, and needlessly rewriting URLs in enhancing a given client’s Internet presence.  Ward’s incisive rhetoric complements Whalen’s work well, particularly with its legitimate outrage that so many SEOs have shown indifference to those who charge their clients for unproductive services.  He also awards the title of boondoggle to tactic of press release distribution.

SEO Strategies That No Longer Work – The Wisdom from Whalen and Ward

The moral of the story these two experts jointly tell is simple: if a particular SEO strategy or technique no longer, or never has, delivered, there is no point in sustaining it because its use is filled with a lot of vocabulary clients find impressive or requires a lot of work that creates the illusion of something being done.  Do the research, read the numbers, and change your SEO approach accordingly.

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