An SEO Specialist Loves High Level Linklove – How Much Can You Love A Link?

A lot – and it is real, true, passionate, never ending love!

For people in a particular field, the things that turn you on the most are usually things that the general public is often not even aware of. A professional baseball player can appreciate a fielder using the scouting report to position himself in the perfect spot to field the ball, dependent on knowing that their pitcher is about to throw an inside sinking curveball to the batter. A studio musician guitarist knows that recording a simple strummed acoustic guitar part that grooves with the track is often so much harder to execute than any fancy wild solo. A master chef can identify the pinch of one spice that makes the dish come alive.Hammer, pliers, and tools as link building metaphor image.
These are the nuances that those in specialized fields discuss with appreciation interacting with their peers after the ball game, the recording session, or the fantastic gourmet meal.

White Hat SEO Basics, & Advanced SEO Best Practices

The 2012 Linklove Boston SEO conference was the place for SEO specialists to be on the first weekend of April. Everyone there was enamored with the process and end result of getting one valuable link.

To an SEO specialist, a good link is a wonderful thing. It makes the sun shine.

Along with Jason White and Jannette Wing Pazer, we drove from DragonSearch in New York to Boston to attend Linklove. It was great to spend time together in the car, and at dinner the night before the event. During a normal day, we are just steps away from each other, but often do not get the chance to have extended conversations.
At DragonSearch, we do top quality work. There is no other way, and no other approach. It is great to be in an environment where everyone is encouraged to work without compromise, and where technique and creativity can merge.

Tell Me Some Amazing SEO Strategy Concept That We Should Already Know!

What was the main prevalent theme of the 2012 Linklove SEO Experts?
Content rules! Content Rules!! Content Rules!!!

Really? Since when?

Since whenever people started writing words on a page. Since books were distributed, since newspapers and magazines were published, since plays were written, since love and Dear John letters were first sent through the mail.
Content has ALWAYS ruled. Why in the big old web world should it ever be any different? Why are there tendencies for people and businesses to take a minimalist copy approach, feature images instead of words, flash, flash, and more flash? Why do we see websites that have no words on the home page with nothing interesting to say, nothing engaging, and just nothing?

SEO Content Writing

It shouldn’t be such a surprise that actual content of a website—a blog post, a graphic, a press release, a review, or anything else put out there—is actually important. All of a sudden the buzz is that Google values great content? Even over hundreds of purchased links? Even over keyword stuffing? This should not be a major revelation.

Real stuff that’s good – instead of manipulated fluff – is best.
SEO content writing focuses content. It researches and identifies the appropriate keywords, and puts those words naturally into the copy to tell the story you want people to know. Optimized content helps you acquire an audience. You can speak to an auditorium full of people, instead of just a handful in your living room.

What is Link Building? The Link Building Experts Say:

When all the Linklove speakers were done, the synopsis of the whole long day was in my head – and it was focused on one thought. Just like any other endeavor, whether it be opening a unique restaurant, writing a hit song, or creating an amazing innovative product, it all comes down to a single great idea. A great idea for getting a link comes from creativity?the perfect infographic, an engaging widget, an awesome guest blogging opportunity, a phone call to an influential person.

There are many musicians who play their instruments with more flash than any of The Beatles did, but a lot of those musical wizards have experienced limited work or faded careers. To me, SEO is always logical, simple, and creative – like a George Harrison guitar solo. Having the chops to execute incredible technique is just one component of a strong link building initiative. It goes nowhere without that one spark of inspiration that sets off the fire, followed by the perseverance to put that idea in motion.

The Beatles Sgt. Pepper album cover.

The Beatles Sgt. Pepper album cover (image via Capital Records)

One great idea – and the willingness to go for it!

SEO specialists move proven past concepts into the future, adapting the concepts to the new platforms, and adapting the new platforms to the concepts.

“You’re Such a Lovely Audience. We’d Like to Take You Home With Us.”

Like The Beatles decades ago, a skilled SEO specialist can change the world; okay, at least in terms of your business. You have great product or service to offer. Your SEO expert creates connections with people who want it. The ability to help people know about you, the ability to convince those who are on the fence, and the ability to engender confidence in your brand and build an audience following… we can’t guarantee you’ll sell 32 million records, but you might, with a little help from your friends.