As a business owner you understand the importance of lead generation and gaining new customers.  When you are a digital marketing agency that practices unethical tactics that attempt to game the system, new leads are even more important.  That is because these companies find themselves flying through clients more quickly than you can say SEO.  In addition, many digital marketing agencies out there are 10 steps behind where they should be in terms of strategy and tactics, still focusing on factors that have no real effect on your bottom line.

So what does all this mean for you?  First, know that you will be solicited by (MANY) digital marketing agencies (OFTEN).  We would be surprised if a week went by without you receiving an email or phone call from one of these agencies.

Except from a typical seach engine optimization scam letter from digital marketing solicitors promising top rankings.

Watch out for SEO scams promising top Google search ranking.

Learn How to Be on the Alert for Internet Marketing Scams

There is much confusion in our industry as to the value of SEO, Social Media Marketing and Pay-Per-Click advertising.  Digital marketing agencies know this and there are many that prey on people. They understand that generating leads are critical, so they talk the talk, however, they don’t walk to the walk.  Here are a few phrases that when you hear them, you should run like the dickens…

One last point: reputable digital marketing agencies are highly sought after.  That means their phones are ringing….people are calling THEM.  They don’t have time to find new clients because they are too busy managing the clients they are getting from word-of-mouth referrals. So, if you get a call from an agency who will revolutionize your  business, it’s likely they are more concerned about the status of their own.

Have you been solicited by a digital marketing agency recently?  We would love to hear about it.