seo copywriting services: where content is king and jerry lawler is just a wrestler

sure SEO content writing is crucial, but where does it rank among kings?

SEO copywriting really “ties the room together,” to borrow a sentiment from The Dude. In an SEO campaign, optimized page content is kind of like a zero on a number line – where all of the work you’ve done (keyword research, etc.) meets all the work you’ll soon do (link building, etc.).

I have no crushing stats or killer equation to explain why SEO content is king, only common sense. Besides, asking for proof is suspicious. The truth is, all the research or link building on the Web can’t compensate for poor SEO copywriting.

SEO content is one of the most publicly scrutinized parts of an SEO campaign

Think about it – of all the work it takes to build an SEO campaign from square one and all the work it takes to maintain such a campaign, the most visible part is the SEO copywriting. It’s sounds simple enough to be wrong (but it ain’t) – the copy is what visitors to your site see.

That, in turn, means that this piece of optimized, relatively technical style of writing has to be easily digestible, informative, and compelling. That’s a tall order…and that’s why content is king.

then I started thinking, with SEO copywriting firmly in place as king, how could it stand up against the competition

  • Any so-called “King” always has to pass the “Elvis” test. In other words, is the proposed king as cool as or cooler than Elvis Presley. Then, of course, you ask whether we’re talking about the young, gyrating Elvis full of vim and /or vigor, or the old, sloppy Elvis full of peanut butter and cheese (or whatever weird crap he ate). I’m going with SEO content as king here. Mostly because old, gross Elvis probably carries a much higher bounce rate (extra points for making a painfully corny Analytics joke).
  • King Kong, as far as I’m concerned, was just an ill-tempered, enormo-sized delinquent. (Oohhh – I’m gonna steal a chick, climb a skyscraper and swat at planes and stuff. Whatever.) Turn that creepy dog-brainwashing dude (ed. note: Cesar Milan) loose on King Kong and that movie would have been on Lifetime. So, needless to say, SEO content is still king.
  • This last one was a toss-up, but I wondered how interesting a match between SEO copywriting and the Sausage King of Chicago, Abe Froman, would be. Turns out, not very much. SEO content wins in a romp (bonus points for use of the word “romp” in a context other than a movie review).

so if content is king (for those of you not still wondering who Abe Froman is), SEO copywriting services are essential

All kidding and utter nonsense aside, quality SEO copywriting services that recognize that content is king are the ones that succeed. The optimized content on your site is the product of intense research and the foundation for a healthy link building strategy. If you don’t believe me, take a look at the list of “Kings” already thrashed by SEO content. If you can figure out who the first one is, the title of this blog might even make sense.

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