As the clock ticked towards 6 o’clock on Wednesday May 5th the crowd grew quiet. With a sense of urgency — pen, pad and recorders in hand —  we waited eagerly for Mr. Ric Dragon and company to educate us of ways to better use our social media. Not a moment after 6 Ric began. “Take up Google Reader” he said, “and follow 10 blogs.” The pens met paper and frantically we wrote. “Use Twitter and follow 10 (people), sign onto Facebook and follow 25. Go to LinkedIn and follow another 10…” It was a recipe for smart social media Ric shared with us. And without pause — like any good listener — we began to ask questions.

Tweet Away

“How do you find in Twitter people you are sincerely interested in following?”One asked. “What’s up with Google Reader?” another questioned. Ric was both speedy and thorough in his response. It was obvious the man owned his work— as he likes to call it — He continued on with Twitter and its power.  Ric shared with us a story about his first experiences with Twitter. (For this I give you my notes)

At its beginning it appeared to be more about getting followers than anything else, but progressively my team and I discovered that at the end of the day — with ten thousand casual followers —  no one is listening. With this we backed up. We began to “follow” with more thought. We sought out to make Twitter more personal; to make it more relevant.

With this he advised that we seek out people on Twitter who matter to us. He suggested we get onto Twitter and search “Hudson Valley,” because it is there where a very local and vocal Hudson Valley business community is talking.

The Google Panopticon

He continued on about what he called “The Google Universe.” (Again I bring forth my notes)

“I’ve embraced all things Google.” Google profile – Google Reader – Google Local. Check them out. Google Local is a freebee which should be taken advantage of. Go to Google Maps, and add your business and be sure to add a photo. It’s a great place for clients to post reviews of your localized listing. Don’t be afraid to ask them!

This I saw as awfully helpful. Not only did he inform us of various Google apps to check into, but he followed suite with clear cut directions on how to do so. He understood not only our desire to learn, but our need to understand how to access such tools.

A Moment to Chat

As we broke for intermission Ric and team offered their time to answer any individual questions regarding the use of social media. Being the observationalist that I am, I sat and listened. A very intimate event this was. Laughs engendered as each member of DragonSearch interacted with local business owners in the region. It was nice to see a speaking engagement where the audience was given an opportunity to speak with the presenter.

15 Days to Social Media Fitness

As the presentation drew near close Ric shared with us the 15 Days to Social Media Fitness. This was an excellent guide made by Ric for both novice and experienced social media users alike. From Day One: Google Your Self, to Day Fifteen: Google Your Competitors, the list is an easy and instructive read which is accessible on the DragonSearch blog.

Given that at the time of this workshop I was not a member of the DragonSearch team, but just someone in seek of a better understanding of Social Media my I felt that the S.C.O.R.E. Workshop was exceedingly helpful  for me. From Facebook to Panoramio, I learned the ins and outs of how to use a range of Social Media tools. I am glad that I recorded the Workshop on my IPod Touch to listen to again and I will most definitely refer to Ric’s 15 Steps to Social Media Fitness.

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