PPC Buzz of the Week – Friday 8/28/09..

Paid Search Rap Flow… Yo!

Years ago if you would have asked the creators of “Pay per Click” if they think that PPC would expand into the rap industry, I’m sure they would say no; however, today there now exists the “Paid Search 101 Rap.” Check out the video here.

It’s the Twitter Song

In addition to that new Paid Search 101 Rap, we’ve also been given the opportunity to be blessed with a complete song about Twitter. Yes folks, there is now a Twitter song! Wonder how much this guy’s getting paid for the record. Makes you wonder right? Check out the video

computer_thiefBe Aware of Click Fraud!

Believe it or not, but it does exist and is growing more and more each day. Since 2008, researchers have estimated that $1.6 billion were lost to click fraud. Click fraud occurs when a person or script clicks on ads in order to generate revenue or to damage advertisers while having no interest in the product being promoted. This is done for many reasons including web surfers trying to support charities by clicking on their ads, internet advertisers wanting to cause financial harm to competitors, or even the product owner clicking on the ad to drive up their own revenue. As the PPC Marketer, you can minimize click fraud against your account by keeping an eye on all of your clicks and conversions, setting up a daily click limit and constantly monitoring your click-through rates.

Ever Heard Of Cuil?

cuil3Cuil is a new search engine that has received critical press coverage regarding its claim to providing the world’s largest search engine index. The search engine boasts an index of 120 billion web pages; however, there have been complaints of irrelevant search results and slow response times. After searching various topics on Cuil.com, I noticed that the response time is pretty quick; however, the results are quite irrelevant. Check it out for yourself by clicking here.

Until next week…Keep on Searching!

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