Recently, Ric Dragon spoke at the Blog World Expo in Manhattan. Ric based his talk on his latest book, “Social Marketology,” which outlines a process for social media strategy and execution that provides companies with a framework from which they can manage social media effectively. I attended Ric’s talk and the following are my take-aways.  Included in this post is Ric’s social media video where he posits that social media marketing can follow a process.

Social Media is a Communications Revolution

Not since the advent of the printing press have we seen such a shift in the way people communicate and the impact of that on our social structures. Social Media is, for the most part, a very positive revolution; much more pleasant then the guillotine of the French Revolution or the firing squads of the Spanish Revolution.

Social Media Marketing Process

In this Blog World Expo social media video, Ric asserted that there are three premises for Social Media Marketing:

  1. Social Media behavior falls into patterns;
  2. Not all Social Media project are the same; and
  3. Process can be applied to Social Media Marketing (and should!).

A Social Media Marketing Plan Must Understand Platform Strengths and Weaknesses.

Social Marketology Pyramid on GooglePlusSocial Media platforms can be evaluated using the pyramid chart Ric developed for Social Marketology. To the right is an example of GooglePlus with “white” being weak and “black” being strong for the attribute. New social media platforms can be compared/contrasted with old ones using this methodology. You need to match both your desired outcomes and knowledge of where your communities reside to formulate strategies for use.

Social Media Rules of Behavior Mimic Real World

Concepts such as Dunbar’s number (stable group size), allo-grooming, and commensality all apply. People form emotionally social attachments and these need to be understood by marketers. Gifting and the power of Wispy groups are new consideration for marketers.

Social Media Marketing Requires Desired Outcomes

Starting with the Why and Purpose of an organization is the most important step in formulating a social media marketing plan. All social media marketing plans should be integrated with other digital efforts and consistent with off-line Branding as well. The secrets of great social media campaigns are: fun, doing the unexpected, participatory, trans-media, and story-telling.

For more information please watch the video or read the Storify.