how to set your dayparting in adwords

Dayparting is another term for ad scheduling in Google AdWords.

Before you set up dayparting schedules consider this:

1. Time zones matter. Be sure to consider the location of your website visitors.

When you set dayparting in Google AdWords, you can select times to run and pause your ads. The times you choose are based on your chosen time zone, so be sure to consider the time difference between your time zone and the time zone(s) of your ideal customers.

If you don’t know the location(s) of your customers, Use map overlay in Google Analytics.

2. Leverage past performance.

Instead of choosing dayparting times you think will work best, learn how your campaigns perform throughout the day by running a campaign performance report:

  1. Go to the Report Center in Google Analytics
  2. Run a Campaign Performance Report
  3. Select your desired time frame (for example, one month)
  4. Under the View options, select Hourly, Regardless of Date

By following these two tips you’ll have a far better shot at crafting an ideal dayparting schedule. Good luck, and remember: test, test, test!

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