read this before you set your dayparting in adwords!

By Steven LaLonde – PPC Manager at DragonSearch

If you’re reading this article, you probably already know what dayparting, or ad scheduling, is.

But before you set up dayparting schedules, there are a few, often overlooked things to consider.

Here are two very basic things you should certainly consider before setting your ad scheduling ( day parting ) schedules.

1). Remember that time zones matter! Think about where your visitors are coming from.

When you set day parting in Google AdWords, you can select times to run and pause ad display.  Always remember, the times you choose are based on your chosen time zone!

This is a big deal if you’re an advertiser in New York, with eastern EST time zone setting, but many of your ideal visitors come from California. 

Think about what time it is where your customers are coming from, not just where you are, and set your scheduling accordingly.

If you don’t know where your customers are coming from, head on over to analytics and take a look at your map overlay to find out!

2). Make an educated Day Parting decision.

Instead of just choosing dayparting times you think will work best, get a bit informed. The best way to get an understanding of how your campaigns behave throughout the day is by running a campaign performance report for a given time frame. To do so:

1). Go to your report center in Analytics.

2). Run a Campaign Performance Report.

3). Make sure you select your desired time frame.

4). Choose ‘Hourly, Regardless of Date’ under your ‘View’ options (Important).

5). Viola! Look at the report and note how your campaigns behave throughout the day. Daypart accordingly.

By following these two tips, instead of aimlessly choosing and testing day parting time frames, you’ll have a far better shot at crafting an ideal day parting schedule. Good luck and remember, test, test, test!

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