It’s 2012. The President of the United States is of Kenyan descent.  Theoretically, race should no longer be a hot-ticket conversation in the U.S. and other westernized countries, right? Wrong.  Even in marketing, racism (though toned down) is still prevalent. Back in 2008, L’Oreal created an outrage with an advertisement that portrayed a much lighter-skinned Beyoncé. In the advertisement, not only does Beyoncé have blonde hair, her skin tone is clearly photoshopped to appear much lighter than her natural complexion.

Racist Beyonce ad for L'Oreal portrays the musician with lightened skin

In December of 2011, Dutch magazine, Jackie was in hot water after using derogatory names in the title of a fashion piece on pop singer Rihanna. While the context of racism in marketing has changed, its existence surely hasn’t. Modern advertisement may use subliminal racial innuendos now, as opposed to blatant slavery or skin tone references of yesteryear.

Racist advertisement for root beer

Do you have an example of racism portrayed in modern marketing?

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