ppc management: how to know when you’re hiring a ppc dream team

PPC management is a team game no matter how you look at it. Whether you have a PPC department of 2+ or one PPC specialist working with other members of the marketing department, there is always more than one. This is applicable to both an agency and in-house setting.

There are nuances that differ from agency PPC to in-house PPC but at the end of the day a strong team breeds success. Success is measured in wins and losses, or sales and leads for marketers, as it is in all sports. Sorry, we’re not talking little league here when playing your hardest was a win.

So to recap, a strong team is necessary for success and conversions/leads are a success. So therefore, a strong team is necessary for conversions/leads. You’re probably thinking “Great deduction, Einstein,” but too many times it is the simple things such as this that get overlooked when determining whether a team is considered a contender, champion, or dream team.


Contenders look great on paper with big flashy clients and credentials but they fade down the stretch. They underperform in the most critical moments whether it is client communication or updating keywords and ads for various seasonal and promotional trends. At the end of the day, they gain clients because of their flashiness but can’t retain them.


Champions don’t fade down the stretch. They meet client expectations on time while delivering on promised results. They may have a few hiccups in performance, but they overcome them. Simply put, they make their clients happy.

dream teams

And then there’s the dream team. On paper they look very similar to a champion but this team has one goal on its mind: to be the best ever. I’ve said countless times throughout my life to both myself and others, if you don’t want to be the best then why even try? You get one shot, make it count. Dream teams make it count every single day on every single client. They not only satisfy clients but they exceed expectations and excite clients with the potential opportunities on the horizon.

Dream teams go beyond client performance. They are not one-time champions. They are dynasties who never have an off-season and are always looking to improve their team. They are thought leaders and not “burger flippers.” They are what you should be looking for when hiring a PPC management agency.

how to know you’re hiring a PPC dream team

big play + grind it out capabilities

In PPC there’s always room for improvement, whether it be significant or incremental. The obstacle is that, like in any sport, the home runs or hail marys happen 10% of the time while the assisting plays make up the other 90%. Can your potential agency both hit the big play and grind it out? Or are they a pass heavy team only concerned with big plays?

More specifically, can the agency deliver immediate results, improve results consistently and continuously through minor bid adjustments, PPC ad testing, and other PPC optimization tactics that make up the other 90% of performance improvement? If the agency has a balanced attack, there is a significantly increased probability of continued success for your business’ goals and objectives.

adjusts to the defense

PPC advertising is not a set it and forget it type of activity. Nor is it a set it and occasionally adjust it activity. PPC dream teams consistently adjust keywords, ad copy, bids and PPC strategies to overcome the defense which in this case may be competitors, trends, or behavioral changes. It is this monitoring and adjusting that improves performance and excites clients. Wouldn’t you be ecstatic if your latest PPC report said these adjustments were made because we found this to be true of your closest competitors? Simply put, adaptability is a key component of identifying a PPC dream team.

championships over MVPs

Is the firm you’re looking to hire touting its past successes more than its accolades? Certifications, such as Google AdWords Certified Partner, and having a “who’s who” of PPC is great and all, but that doesn’t necessarily translate into sales or leads for your business. If the agency can provide you with case studies, white papers or even just a verbal walk through of its past successes than you know you’re on the right track.

there is no off-season

PPC dream teams are built on the foundation of thought leadership development and learning. In an every changing landscape, dream team players not only keep up with the changes but they adapt as quickly as they occur. If you know something PPC related before your potential agency, then they better have a good reason why this is the case.

Lastly, PPC is the life of the dream teamer. They are driven to know all there is to know and won’t rest until they are the best.

What other qualities do you think sets PPC dream teams apart from just PPC championship teams? We’d love to hear your thoughts on the subject. Also, keep an eye out for the 2nd installment of PPC dream team related posts in the coming days on how to assemble your PPC dream team.

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