is ppc affecting your ecommerce?

Of course the main purpose of PPC is to have an immediate impact, but the Days to Purchase report in Google Analytics will also reveal whether your PPC is capturing user attention and building customer loyalty for your eCommerce site.

If your Google Analytics account is tracking eCommerce data and you want to view the Days to Purchase report, log in to your Google Analytics account, click “Ecommerce” and then click “Days to Purchase” from the dropdown.

Analytics Nav

Since this discussion is based solely around PPC data, we have segmented this report to show All Visits and Paid Traffic Visits.

Final PPC Report Final PPC Report2

What you see in this report is how many days a visit, both paid and unpaid, took to result in a transaction. Although it may seem somewhat irrelevant, this statistic is very important in answering a very large question:

Is my PPC truly successful at capturing user attention, interest and, of course, revenue?

For this specific Analytics account, PPC is delivering an immediate impact on transactions. For all purchases made on the first day a user visits this eCommerce site, 20% of those purchases were produced via PPC.

As you can see, the Percentage of All Purchases decreases drastically after the first day for Paid Traffic visits. This is absolute, in-your-face evidence that PPC is delivering an immediate impact on transactions for this eCommerce site…

Now you’re probably asking why some PPC visits took nearly a year to produce a transaction.

In this graphic, we use the same Analytics account and date range; the only difference is that the report is no longer segmented into Paid Traffic but instead by All Visits, New Visitors and Returning Visitors.

All Traffic Report

You’ll see that all transactions produced after 30 days of the first visit were made by Returning Visitors. This is clear evidence that your eCommerce company has built customer loyalty.

Compare the two graphics, and you get further evidence that PPC is resulting in brand awareness and increasing customer loyalty.

Our question to Google is: What about other types of conversions currently being tracked in Google Analytics? Why isn’t there a report displaying how many days it took to submit a contact form, download a file, or anything else an account may be tracking as a goal?

This type of report is too valuable to only apply to eCommerce sites.

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