PPC Buzz of the Week – Friday 9/25/09

PPC Bid Management Overrated?

PPC Campaign Management Entrance So when I first started listening to this podcast from David Szetela at Clix Marketing I seriously felt like I was entering the ring at WrestleMania (after listening to it, let me know if you feel the same). In all honesty though, this podcast about tactics to improve PPC ROI and how PPC bid management is not nearly as important, or heavy a workload, as so many other strategies and actions is a great listen. In addition to listening to this informational interview/session, the guest speaker Brad Geddes provides slides to follow along with here .

What Bing Goes Up, Google Must Come Down

August 2009 search engine rankings were just released and Bing continues to increase market share. On the other hand, Google’s market share has continued to decrease since the launch of Bing…even if it did only decrease by 0.1% in August. Check out the rankings at Search Engine Watch.

Yahoo Search Page Gets a Facelift

Yahoo Search Just the other day Yahoo announced the launch of their all new search page in this post on the Yahoo! Search blog. There are plenty of new features for users to choose from and faster load time, but this new Yahoo search page definitely has its critics (as evident if you read the comments section on the blog post). How will this new search experience affect Yahoo Sponsored Search advertisers? I personally don’t think it will have much effect, but only time will tell if I’m a fortuneteller.

PPC Clients: How Not to Lose Them

I was a little skeptical on the content of this post by SemGeek based on its headline, but as I read on it made perfect sense and made me wonder how many PPC agencies out there actually do this stuff to their customers? The simple fact anyone should get out of reading this article is that if you want to build your PPC client base, customer satisfaction should always be at the top of priorities.

Grants for Non Profit Organizations: The DragonSearch Pay Per Click Management Grant

I usually don’t toot our own horn in the PPC Buzz, but DragonSearch is offering a tremendous opportunity for 501c3 non-profit organizations. As many of you know, Google Grants is a program designed to provide up to $10,000 a month in PPC advertising on Google.com for 501c3 non profits. What likely occurs within these organizations is that a person is usually performing a dual role: attempting to successfully manage a Google Grants PPC account and their normal responsibilities.

If you are one of these individuals, an organization looking to improve its Google Grant performance, or a non profit organization interested in increasing donations, exposure, and memberships I urge you to take a look at the DragonSearch pay per click management grant here . We will be providing 3 non profits the opportunity to receive 3 full months worth of free professional optimization on their Google Grant accounts; in addition to helping them in the Google Grant application process should they not already have a grant.

Until next week…Keep on Searching!

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