a peek into the dragon life

Dragon360 recently had the privilege to move into a newly modernized historic building at 8 N. Front Street in Kingston, NY. Built in 1921, the building is listed in the National Registry of Historic Places and was the original location of the Packard Motor’s car dealership. Steel beams, cement floors, brightly painted walls, and modern lighting, make up our 19,000 square-foot space. Hidden throughout, you will find touches of the Dragon360 culture.

From the glowing DragonMoon that greets you at our entrance, to carefully placed surprises that are waiting for discovery, the office provides a new outlet for the Dragon360 culture to shine through. Our open floor plan cultivates shared learning, collaboration, and cleverly breaks down any social barriers. At Dragon360, our enthusiastic culture is contagious.

We have always believed that only when we work at our best, can we provide the best for our clients. So how do we work at our best? Well, we never stop learning. We are relentless when it comes to researching new ideas and stepping out of our comfort zone. We are a determined bunch that takes pleasure in finding the right answer, even when it seems impossible to find.

It’s not all hard work though; we know how to have a good time too. From a calm walk around our historic property to a quick foosball game with coworkers, to an all-out Nerf war, we have the perfect balance of work and play. Our unique team of Dragons are handpicked for being thought leaders in their fields and for having just the right ingredients to become legendary Dragons.

In honor of our new space, some creative Dragons took it upon themselves to capture our new surroundings. Our video gives you a sneak peek at our beautiful space and an inside look at life as a Dragon.

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