A diagram showing the funnel in B2B marketing

How to Define Your Conversion Funnel for B2B Success

Andy Groller

We can all agree that B2B marketing success ultimately hinges on qualified leads that result in revenue. This is true whether you’re promoting a SaaS recurring revenue model, or a one-time IT hardware purchase. This does not mean, however, that B2B success metrics should only be defined by qualified leads and revenue. On the contrary,…

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A team of social media marketers gathered around a table organizing channel icons

Takeaways from Social Tools Summit Boston 2016

Ian Keir

Is social media marketing a challenging activity for your business? Do you just set it and forget it? The Social Tools Summit, held in Boston on April 12, 2016, answered many of the questions and challenges faced by businesses. The brainchild of Neal Schaeffer and Brian Mahony, this Summit brings together marketers and social media experts…

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3 diagrams showing charts and graphs for local digital marketing on screens

Local Businesses: Building Your Digital Presence Course at SUNY Ulster


Join Digital Marketing Strategists Caitlin Boroden and Jacques Bouchard on April 12, 2016 to learn how you can improve your local business’s online presence. Caitlin and Jacques are excited to be teaching a continuing education class at SUNY Ulster that will give local business owners the opportunity to learn key strategies that improve their online…

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Social Media network icons.

Getting Started with Social Media Marketing

Jannette Pazer

We team at Dragon360 loves to share our knowledge with others, and if you live in the Hudson Valley, here’s your chance to learn more about digital marketing and how it can help your business! Dragon360 has partnered with SUNY Ulster to teach 3 continuing education evening classes during the spring semester. Each class will…

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Abe Uchitelle on Becoming President of DragonSearch

Abe Uchitelle

I’ll cut right to the chase, this is an announcement blog post. Beginning this month, I’m stepping into the role of President at DragonSearch. I’m incredibly excited, honored, and humbled by the opportunity to lead such an amazing team, and I’d like to share some thoughts about what this means. It’s been a full year…

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Marketing Patience: A Simple & Measurable Concept

Ralph Legnini

In 1977 a record called Bat Out of Hell by an artist named Meatloaf was produced by Todd Rundgren and released on Cleveland International Records. It was not an instant hit by any means. It was a very dramatic sounding and ambitious album, quite unlike anything that came before it. So was the artist. There…

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