Time Warp to 2005

Claudia D'Arcy

I love this job right now. I get into the office, and on a cold, wet, snowy icy day like today, it is absurdly quiet here as it seems half our office has not trekked in. I sit in my quiet corner and think about where in the World Wide Web I choose to go…

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The yet-to-be fulfilled promise of Social Networks

Ric Dragon

While, web-based social networks have had a profound impact on internet communications, they are still in a sort of infancy.  For one, they are fragmented.  There is no commonality between the various social networks.  Users have to re-enter their data time and time again with each new network.  If the best features of all of…

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Snakeoil or Science?

Ric Dragon

One of our greatest challenges as SEO experts, is that the field is in constant flux.  As a search consultant, I find that really exciting – the very thing that adds spice to this profession.  My beliefs yesterday need to be retested for veracity.  Unfortunately, not everyone in the search profession follows this notion –…

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Ric Dragon

Note: this is a post from 2007 – that was orphaned from it’s original context; and is being republished here. How can we determine if Search Engine Optimization is a good value? The answer is not simple, but dependant on many factors.  The first factor we’ll discuss is the value of a new customer or…

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