Every so often, I encounter a business that has gotten some negative press on the web.  And sometimes, it really is undeserved.  Take, for example, the legal firm that once had a client sue them for supposedly overbilling time.  The case was thrown out as having no merit, but the mentions of it on the web remained. And because this client didn’t have a lot of mentions out there on the web, the negative posts were the top things to come up in Google.  Ouch.

 So, how do we overcome those negative listings?  We can’t get them OFF of the web… they are there to stay.  And if we reply to the posts, that just gives them more back links, and thus helps to insure their high ranking.

 No, what we did was to help insure that there were many pieces of content out there on the web on credible sites, all mentioning the client’s name.  Then, we did a bit of back-linking to those posts in various places, to help insure that they would rise in the SE’s. 

I requires a bit of effort, but it can pay off.

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