It’s not spoken about too often, but we’ve definitely seen a certain phenomenon of pages that are over-optimized being deprecated in the SERPS.So, what is “over optimized”?I would offer up that its relative.  Lets assume that we could score how well a page is optimized, “0” being totally un-optimized (all Flash?) – 10 being totally optimized to all “best practices”.Then, let’s say that the top listing in the SERP for a certain key phrase is at “5”.  If our page is at “10”, we’re over-optimized.  If we’re at “5.5”, or “6”, we’re right on the money.We saw a presentation today by Marketing Profs with Stephan Spencer of Neoconcepts, and Rand Fishkin of SEOmoz, and they both spoke about the keyword density myth.  We’ve recognized for some time that “keyword clouds” – that is, having related key phrases – is more important.

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