Always rebellious, plus just not geeky enough, I did not have a cool iphone or a cute apple laptop (my laptop is now embarrassing) to tweet from, so I went old school and took real written notes. I thought they all made sense at the time, but combing through, not so much. Nevertheless, I could easily enough pull out my 140 words of wisdom and observations that were worth writing down and now typing out in a list. Actually, it almost follows the overall wisdom of Twitter; if you can say something worthwhile in 140 characters then it’s just not worth saying. It had to be really worth it for me to write it down by hand!

I should add: some are direct quotes, some are my jumbled version of quotes, some are my observations and some are just notes to me! I don’t claim to know anymore where the grand wisdom can be quoted from as I mangled too many names!

Hence, I give you my 140 bits of wisdom gleened from the #140 Twitter Conference in NYC.

They are, of course, all under 140 characters!

  1. The world is beginning to suffer from ADD: nothing but talking points, sound bites, 2 minute of YouTube Video clips, 140 characters!
  2. Risk is the basis for all things worthwhile.
  3. “Expect the Unexpected and whenever possible, BE the unexpected.”
  4. The secret of social media is to add value to a community. Ones role is to be active and weave a community.
  5. Links are the currency that drives the internet.
  6. The power of passed links is growing at an exponential rate of speed.
  7. Organic search has passed its heyday.
  8. Google, Facebook and Twitter are the Holy Trinity of the internet.
  9. I don’t know what Google Wave is and I should.
  10. is my friend because it can measure the clicks.
  11. The web has new meaning because of real time now; no longer static.
  12. Real time streams are a new form of representation of data.
  13. The governments of the world are leaning to be more personal by bypassing traditional media and talking directly to people.
  14. Human connections happen one person at a time ( but I knew that)
  15. Twitter helped change the perception of public diplomacy.
  16. Israel’s General Consulate is a very cool guy and I love the way he says “Twitter”.
  17. Much like in interior design, eclectic collections work together because of the interests in them.
  18. You become the center of your community because you are the center that holds it together
  19. First new word to throw about and sound good saying: community ecosystem.
  20. All ecosystems should be diverse, but can fail if one part of the whole leaves.
  21. Humans like to be on the computer while they watch TV.
  22. Second new word to throw about and sound good saying: Electronic mob.
  23. I’m still confused by chaos theory and it always makes me think of Jurassic Park.
  24. Amusing statement: Human beings have been confused since Nimrod.
  25. The internet is reversing the curse of the Tower of Babel. Will God be angry?
  26. Eavesdropping is the new babe watching.
  27. Conversations go in patterns.
  28. Twitter is a quarterback.
  29. One should listen for the point of need.
  30. It’s better to offer solutions than point out problems.
  31. Conversational listening is a good skill to have.
  32. We need to give the speaker value.
  33. You can gather information or tell people that you care.
  34. Bet no one asked for the ROI of the telephone.
  35. The social contract has changed.
  36. Rick Sanchez has a very loud voice.
  37. Ann Curry is way way more than a “happy face pretty anchor”
  38. “The world is changing and we are not keeping pace.”
  39. The United States and Iran have experienced the same movement for change.
  40. Fact checking verses reporting on pure social media; the question remains of how does it all come together.
  41. Reporters have an obligation to check facts.
  42. Video needs much less fact checking.
  43. OMG I freaking love Ann Curry.
  44. A brand can be authentic. Diva Discount is authentic. Authentically me. Or one of me.
  45. Twitter is the tool to reinvent journalism.
  46. Journalism is not a product, but a process.
  47. The audience is becoming a collaborator.
  48. Third new word to throw about and sound good saying: Crowd Sourcing
  49. No needs the critics anymore to tell them what is good, or do they?
  50. “The tragedy of the commons”; I still think human beings have the tendency to act like lemmings which can be a bad thing.
  51. Critical mass equals the millionth monkey which can be a good thing.
  52. Google is one giant transaction engine.
  53. Google destroys relationships because people do not care where their information comes from.
  54. Fourth new word to throw about and sound good saying: Behavioral Advertisement.
  55. Measure the cost to reach people.
  56. People want breaking news constantly.
  57. Are the coders at the New York Times the new journalists?
  58. Trust in sources equals truth in most people’s eyes.
  59. There is no 240 West 57th Street.
  60. “If you are not living on the edge, you are taking up too much space.”
  61. 140=SMS=Mobile=Micro reporting.
  62. Conversations happening on Twitter, but the facts are NOT going on Twitter ( but I am not sure what this not means!)
  63. If you only follow 140 people, you make sure they are 140 experts.
  64. I like it when other people use the word “gleen”.
  65. Spell check does not like it when I use the word gleen.
  66. Christopher Weingarten is crazy funny! And worth listening to even if Rolling Stone gives him the boot.
  67. Companies need to hear all the stuff people say about them, especially the bad.
  68. I know brands need to acknowledge the bad, but they still resist and annoy me at times.
  69. Someone needs to be the chief listener.
  70. I guess I can fit the definition of a professional Twanker.
  71. It is no longer good enough for advertisement to get the eyes and ears of the people, now we must reach their hearts and souls.
  72. By 2012 physical sensors will create 20% of all non video data!
  73. Sensors just produce.
  74. Sensors are streamy.
  75. Twitter is streamy.
  76. Plant sensors tweet.
  77. Sneakers can tweet.
  78. Laundromats tweet.
  79. Mobile things tweet.
  80. The space shuttle tweets.
  81. The Tower Bridge and the river Thames tweet!
  82. Twitter is powerful because it is mobile.
  83. I am not mobile.
  84. Danica Patrick has the first Twitter sponsor.
  85. Passion and community make sports live much like Twitter community.
  86. Low-key product placement is acceptable on Twitter..maybe?
  87. I need to check out the #girlsnightout on Twitter.
  88. “Isolation leaves people alone and without power”.
  89. I think power still comes from truly having a choice.
  90. I don’t know how I feel about Twittertanment.
  91. The power has shifted to digital feudal lords.
  92. Personally, I think the power of Mommy Bloggers is the validation of feelings.
  93. More moms should admit how mental draining and freaking boring caring for a young child is.
  94. We need to continue to rip down the mommy pedestal and the harsh judgment of other mother’s choices.
  95. I do not find a threat from being real about your children’s names online.
  96. Apparently the Rodgers Smith Hotel is the coolest hotel in NYC.
  97. Fifth new word to throw about and sound good saying: Trust Agent.
  98. Complete perfection in the art of copywriting: only 140 characters.
  99. Number #87 goes against what everyone English teacher use to say!
  100. Using the leverage of past experiences creates success.
  101. Using the word “secret” denotes a “trust agent”.
  102. In adoptionland, I think I might be considered a Trust Agent!
  103. The ideal is to be the ONE trust agent in 150 groups.
  104. That’s still a lot of groups!
  105. Reducing friction creates relationships.
  106. Money creates friction in relationships.
  107. Openness and vulnerability creates conversational intimacy.
  108. People want to do business with people they like.
  109. Brands need to move to meet the needs of a new generation.
  110. An “exit strategy” for Twitter is just too much IMO.
  111. A home page is where a community exists?
  112. Interesting parallel: Getting to know someone to date online is like the traditional courtship rituals.
  113. The restaurant that made @Marlooz stop filming her date was really stupid!
  114. Sixth new word to throw about and sound good saying: Citizen Journalism.
  115. Newspapers, TV, etc are “controlled media”.
  116. Controlled media has no conversations, no comments and no outreach.
  117. New media has no control.
  118. I know that is what scares so many clients.
  119. “A planned life is not worth living” and also a recipe for failure.
  120. I want a picture of The Conversational Prism for the office wall.
  121. Exquisite Corpse is not what it sounds like at all.
  122. I have newsheimers.
  123. Twitter will not save publishing
  124. We are replacing volume with Value in writing.
  125. We are entering an “experience economy”
  126. UX = user experience.
  127. Seventh new word to throw about and sound good saying: Ambient awareness.
  128. Our clients need us to act like personal social media trainers.
  129. One third of all tweets come from Apps.
  130. We should shoot film, interact, write about and interview all people like they are our mothers, sisters, and children.
  131. If it’s global then it is consider true.
  132. All business should have a social media hour.
  133. Seventh new word to throw about and sound good saying: Silo.
  134. Kodak should give one of those cool cameras to The Adoptee Rights Protest!
  135. I am proud to be a Twanker as I am a damn good Twanker!
  136. Eighth new word to throw about and sound good saying: Amplify.
  137. Publishers find interesting people and amplify them
  138. The internet has made us addicted to traffic.
  139. Personal news equals news.
    • No one still has any idea how to monetize Twitter.
  140. And the one hundred and fortieth thing I learned at the Twitter Conference: