I’ll cut right to the chase, this is an announcement blog post. Beginning this month, I’m stepping into the role of President at DragonSearch. I’m incredibly excited, honored, and humbled by the opportunity to lead such an amazing team, and I’d like to share some thoughts about what this means.

It’s been a full year since DragonSearch began our latest chapter without a CEO. The last year has been an incredible journey; we hired new Dragons, began campaigns with new clients, and deepened our commitment to the clients that have been part of the DragonSearch story for years. We seized new opportunities, and not only met new challenges, but exceeded them.

Day after day, I was impressed by the hard work and passion with which our team met each new campaign and each new challenge. Perhaps the most exciting piece is to reflect on the impact we had for our clients; our team can be proud of the companies we helped grow and the revenue we influenced.

DragonSearch is growing too, and lying beyond the horizon are Dragons we haven’t yet hired, clients we have yet to meet, and opportunities we can only begin to fathom today. Because of the incredible breadth of opportunities, we’ve realized how critical it is for us to double down on the services that have helped our clients grow their businesses, and the commitment to our employees that has helped us build and retain one of the strongest digital marketing teams you’ll find anywhere in the world.

President Abe Uchitelle and COO Eta Ivkovic with the DragonSearch Team

Our next steps must be deliberate, yet our focus on clients and employees unwavering. I’m honored to lead such a talented team on this journey. I’m also excited that at my side, and at the service of DragonSearch since its inception in 2007, will be Etela Ivkovic taking the role of COO.

What will change for clients and employees? Not much, actually. My focus on Business Development will not change, and I’ll continue to be the person charged with the success and happiness of our clients. The person who each client can reach out to at any time to check in, to discuss what’s going well, or to discuss what we can do to better serve them. The foundation for this new role was built in my focus on these relationships, and nothing about this will change.

DragonSearch is a company on the rise. I’m incredibly honored to lead our team into 2016 and beyond. Stay tuned, we’ve only just begun!