I started blogging on a lark in late ’05 and have been pretty consistant with it since then. Granted I was writing before, but that was mostly on forums and I was always better with one on my long rants rather than a quicky supportive hug kind of thing.  The blog concept was just perfect for me…my own public soapbox…ahhh. But, I have to face the fact that I am a niche blogger. A small niche blogger..more a niche in a niche. And even if now, I am a well known respected Blogger, it is still in my tiny Adoption Blog niche. Not even the general “Adoption” blogs, as most of them are written by adoptive parents or wanna be adoptive parents who sign the glories of Adoption, but the contoversial and often ugly “Adoption Truth” bloggers where we expose the ugly side of it all. And while I know like *all* the big names in Adoption world…it’s a tiny world and unless you are somehow interested in Adoption Issues, you don’t know me.

The other side of this is that I have hardly paid any attention at all to Bloggers outside the Adoption Community. Of course, that all changed these last few weeks. Now it’s my job to know and wow, I have been living in a tiny little bubble! My eyes are opened and they smart from all this big city smog while my neck is cramped from looking at these huge tall buildings….Lordy, the Blogosphere is much huger than I thought, but still somehow, just through the nature of blogging, I feel like I know some of the big dogs already.

I don’t necessarily “get” all the big deals in the blogosphere.  The whole gadet thing alludes me, but then again, I am a girl..hence no special tool..so the grown up toy..aka gaget.. thing leaves me flat. Of course I cannot use my gentle sex as an excuse, as the gossip/Holloywood blogs are sleepers to me as well, I don’t get the cute cat giggkes and I have been confused by the knitting craze for years new. Knitters obviously cross many borders as Wooly Bloggers have been duel idenified as Adoption Bloggers a long time ago now.  Then again, I get all wrapped up sometimes with visions of grand uniqueness…a hold over I fear from being a “special” birth mother… so I want to think that I am just *too cool* to get interested in what the *typical* American blog reader likes. In any case, I better get over myself real quick!

On the upside, I have really been learning all kinds of new things this week besides finding out who the Kings of Blog World are. There is even a colorized map of it! Who knew! And Adoption Blogs are NOT mentioned at all….sniff sniff.

So I am feeling ready to get out from behind my little snow globe and say hi to everyone else. So while I do feel like the small town girl in a huge big city, I am not afraid of getting mugged. Heck, I have never been mugged for real and that even was true when I was a little 17 year old chickie running around Mannhatten. Plus that’s one thing good about growing up in Adoption land……there ain’t nobody who is gonna get under my thick skin.

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