DragonSearch made three presentations to the 2012 NY State SBDC Staff Conference

Section of the infographic about how to use seo, ppc and social media to diversify and widen your client baseI conducted the Plenary Session on Tuesday morning, May 8, 2012 to present the Grow Your Business Online Infographic.  You may find that document here:  The Complete Walk-Through to Grow Your Business Online Infographic.

Per request, the presentation materials are being made available to attendees and other interested parties.  Full attribution is required to use any of the materials.

The Complete Walk-Through to Grow Your Business Online Infographic

You may want to wait on the video of this presentation! If not, here is the slideshare deck from the Prezi.

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NY State SBDC SEO and PPC Session

The first breakout session was a deeper dive on PPC and SEO. Etela Ivkovic and Josepf Haslam developed and co-presented the session. Pay-per-click programs by Google were briefly reviewed. A list of other type of online advertising was discussed as well. The importance of using Analytics to review and hone both PPC and SEO programs was discussed. The major elements of SEO were reviewed leading into the importance of Social Signals and Social Media.

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NY State SBDC Social Media Session

The third session of the day was “Get Social or Die”. This session was a whirlwind tour on why people and companies need to adopt and effectively use Social Media. The presentation was developed by Josepf Haslam and Deidre Drewes. The impact of Social Signals on Search was discussed and various mini-case studies on effective use of Social Media were presented.

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