nick kellet presenting takes advantage of User Preferences!

According to Nick Kellet, up to 30% of Web Content is in the form of Lists because they are popular with people! The problem with lists though is that they are almost instantly obsolete. fundamentally changes this dynamic. As people engage with your list they add new, fresh content. Other items can be added or nominated to the list. Voting can show changes in trends over time as well. has SEO Benefits! posts are dynamic. When you embed them on your site or blog the content changes. Google loves fresh content and the spiders keep coming back to your page. Given the nature of Crowd Sourced user content, posts tend to rank for many long-tail keywords around a topic area. enables engagement!

Funny thing, once someone add or votes on a list they have a tendency to come back and monitor it. They adopt the list, take some ownership over it. The format helps to spur conversation and interaction within a community. List are fast, easy, fun and very extensible. can handle many smart media formats such as Video, Prezis, and Slideshare. The ability to easily embed rich media (without the need for any technical knowledge) fosters sharing.

For more in the uses and benefits of please read this Storify of a recent presentation by Nick Kellet at DragonSearch.


.@listly Presentation to @DragonSearch from @NickKellet #usdragons #usguys

Nick Kellet comes to Kingston NY to do a deep dive overview of for the team. We discussed SEO, Content, and Engagement benefits in depth.

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CEO of @NickKellet visits @RicDragon #usdragons #usguys #photo #KingstonNY
#usdragons @NickKellet presenting "Why" list matter? 30% of published content on Web are lists!Josepf J Haslam
#usdragons @NickKellet Lists bring "eyeballs" and eyeballs = $$$ on the webJosepf J Haslam
#usdragons @NickKellet Existing way of doing lists are not very sufficient today, Lists decay immediately. solves thisDragonSearch
RT @josepf: #usdragons allows you to CrowdSource your efforts; building engagement and relevanceBeth Thouin
#UsDragons lunch treat, @NickKellet to deep dive demo #photo #usguys
#usdragons @NickKellet List ly "Secret Sauce" is the embed feature; can share content that other’s create & build yet more engagementDragonSearch
Very cool! “@Josepf: @nickkellet presenting to #usdragons at Lunch! On cc #usguys”Jane Boyd
#usdragons @NickKellet List ly "Secret Sauce" is the embed feature; can share content that other’s create & build yet more engagementJosepf J Haslam
RT @Josepf: #usdragons @NickKellet List ly tracks where engagement happens, can view Stats on all of your EmbedsMr. S!D
#usdragons @NickKellet List ly is getting 6000-8000 uniques a day; Your posts get increased exposure/amplification on their portalDragonSearch
#usdragons @NickKellet "We are creatures of Habit and our trust accumulates over time" (List ly helps speed this process)Josepf J Haslam
RT @dragonsearch: #usdragons @NickKellet Asserts that Lists are community; people vote on what they care about; List Ly enables thisShyam Subramanyan
@NickKellet speaks about @listly today @DragonSearch.great tool for driving engagement using dynamic list creation. #
#usdragons @NickKellet you can create Geographical Intensity as well with List Ly; let’s locals vote on their passionsDragonSearch
#usdragons @NickKellet List ly constantly changes; Google sees continual Fresh Content; these lists rank in #SEO fastDragonSearch
#usdragons @NickKellet List ly: Crowd Sourcing; Embed-able content; embed rich media, good for #SEO, enables engagementDragonSearch
Nick is bringing the goodness -> “@RicDragon: Really enjoying this presentation @DragonSearch of by @NickKellet ~ #UsGuys @Josepf”Mr. S!D
#usdragons @NickKellet List Ly has Smart Media technology, can embed many items like Video, Presi’s, Slideshare’s within postsJosepf J Haslam
#usdragons @NickKellet many Simple ways to create for your Blog cc #BlogChatJosepf J Haslam
RT @DragonSearch: #usdragons @NickKellet makes audience part of the Prime Content; new model of engagement!Ric Dragon
#usdragons @NickKellet We love lists, because when we skim them; we find new interesting things that make us smarterDragonSearch
RT @DragonSearch: CEO of @NickKellet visits @RicDragon #usdragons #usguys #photo #KingstonNY #funmarti konstant
hmm RT @Josepf: #usdragons @NickKellet Once people Vote on a list, they have a tendency to keep going back to check on the List.LyAlan K’necht
#usdragons @NickKellet when people add to a List.Ly they make it "their" lists as well; major benefit of Crowd SourcingDragonSearch
#usdragons @NickKellet encourages you to keep your own traffic! You get the #SEO BenefitsJosepf J Haslam
Love this piece of art in @dragonsearch office Kellet
#UsDragons @NickKellet @listly 3 Types of Lists: Social Objects(people/brands); Content(blogs,music,events) & Real World Objects (places)DragonSearch
Josepf:#UsDragons @NickKellet @listly Can Curate items, like reviews, across multiple platforms such as Amazon & Twitter Very interesting !Pascal de Aguiar
RT @Josepf: #usdragons @NickKellet "We are creatures of Habit and our trust accumulates over time" (List ly helps speed this process)Jodi Krohn
Say hi 2 dragons:) RT @Josepf: @SMSJOE @TheDaveReynolds June as INSANE… but not at home :( hanging in KingstonNY #UsDragons right nowdave reynolds