the best new digital marketing buzzwords

In our fast-paced world, marketers seem to be creating new buzzwords at an unprecedented pace. It can be challenging to keep up on all these new terms. Fear not, usDragons have done the work for you, pulling together the latest list of trending terms. Be sure to memorize these! You’re certain to be asked about it at your next client meeting, and you’d better be ready to kill it.


The metric by which digital marketers tangibly prove worth to their clients. Measured in percentages, it’s the time that is billed to the client.

“My availability this week for my client was right on target.”

ambiguous match keywords

Google has announced the introduction of ambiguous match keywords for Google AdWords campaigns. Gone are the days of stressing over which match type is most beneficial, assigning different budgets to different match types, etc. With ambiguous match keywords, Quality Score matters no more! All Quality Scores will be replaced with a resounding, “Good Enough!”


4chan’s “Flash Mobbing” of random video content to set off “trending” flags and make stupid things go viral.

deciduous content

Articles and images that peak seasonally in a dazzling display of color and fanfare, engaging eager content-peepers the web over. This content is then quickly shed, leaving a big mess for SEOs to rake up in the aftermath.


On social channels, we never want to be too promotional. We can solve that problem with content that’s edu-motional. It provides educational value for the customer all which secretly telling them they need to buy our products or services.

evergreen whitepaper strategy

A well thought out list of action items and objectives with the plan to reach a common goal.  Specifically, this strategy involves a few original & new ideas written up in a PDF document with the intent of creating an authoritative report, giving information or proposals on an issue.  This document will likely be gated by a form with very few fields in order to help capture the contact information of highly qualified prospects.  After a few email blasts, these highly qualified prospects will then purchase boatloads of merchandise.


Gamification is a must in all aspects of marketing, but bosses are bored and tired of you simply presenting them with charts and plans for your goals. Gamifying the experience of goal setting for them will keep them engaged and get them hooked so they will be happy to approve your marketing budget.

hot shares

Posts from other Facebook pages that have proven to have strong engagement on their pages that you want to share on your own Facebook page to drive engagement.


This is perhaps (and arguably) the prime and most important aspect of both conceptual and actual digital marketing. The branding and messaging delineation – which includes, but is intentionally not limited to 2015 best practices – is a potentially powerful and vibrant ecosystem that persuasively necessitates a delicate balance within a comprehensive and expansive environment carefully crafted within a series of marketing components that often move in concert with each other, separating only occasionally to reconstruct essential building block marketing DNA, while remaining obstinate, discrete and individualized in nature by definition. SEO, PPC, SMM are all virtual letters that can be randomly skewed and displaced, and so it is prudent that all measurable aspects of both positive and negative leveragation be thoroughly identified with the intent to stabilize both extreme and more concise needle fluctuations that can inhibit a diligent digital marketing campaign, both now and into the future.

link secretions

The spammy links you didn’t intend to get as a result of content getting scrapped or via issuing press releases.

Ugh, look at all of these link secretions – do they look normal to you?”


The science of optimization and also a growing fad of college degrees in the digital marketing field.


The art of organizing while you are filing.

search engine puppies

Search Engine Spiders? Nope. Spiders are too scary. Search Engines Puppies are all the rage. Forget crawling. They sniff through your site and uncover all the latest updates with ease… and they’re cute.


Abillability – Evan Auerbach

Ambiguous Match Keywords – Chris Berkley

Crowdstarters – Jacques Bouchard

Deciduous Content – Jennifer Barry

Edumotional – Danielle Correia

Evergreen Whitepaper Strategy – James Kravic

Goalification – Eta Ivkovic

Hot Shares – Jannette Wing Pazer

Leveragation – Ralph Legnini

Link Secretions – Jason White

Optimizology – Andy Groller

Organfile – Kim Virga

Search Engine Puppies – Caitlin Boroden

Thought Leadering – Abe Uchitelle

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