PPC Buzz of the Week – Friday 9/18/09

Bing’s New Ad Preview Tool

bingMSN has launched a new ad preview tool for Bing.com.  This tool allows you to see if your ads are showing without affecting the real search results, which is great news for advertisers as many were having trouble previewing their ads in results.  So what exactly does this tool show you?  It displays your position and what the ad looks like within Bing.  For more info on the new tool, click here.

What’s Up with That New Opportunities Tab in Adwords?

Some of you may have noticed that there is now an ‘Opportunities Tab’ in Adwords.  This new feature, which is now available in all English language accounts, is designed to aid in keyword expansion and help advertisers find more cost-effective traffic in their pay-per-click accounts.  According to Google, you can use the tab to get a quick overview of customized keyword and budget ideas for your campaigns and ad groups.  So, next time you’re in Adwords, be sure to take advantage of this new Opportunities Tab!

Some Upcoming PPC Webcasts You May Want to Mark in Your Calendar!

So we’ve just gotten word on some new events coming up that would be great for you PPC pros to attend, and they’re all webcasts which means they’re online and they’re FREE!  Some of these events include “PPC: Not Just About the Numbers,” “PPC Negative Keywords: Maximizing the Positive Effect,” and “PPC Bid Management Rules That Actually Work.”  Click here for full descriptions, times and registration information.

The Internet Marketing Cookbook

Ok folks, so this month’s Internet Marketing Cookbook has been released and it’s packed with tons of tutorials on linkbuilding and article marketing.  These tutorials are designed to teach new and experienced advertisers techniques to improve site listings in the search engines.  In addition, one will learn the basics of link building, how to use article marketing to build links and traffic and how to submit your article.  Get your copy today!

New PPC Summit You Cannot Miss!

ppc-summitThe new PPC Summit is scheduled for September 23rd-24th in Los Angeles and November 4th-5th in Chicago.  There will also be Search Engine Marketing and Search Engine Optimization sessions incorporated in these events.  Some perks to attending this summit include the ability to customize your agenda to meet your own skill level, attendees will learn how to gain better results on ALL search engines and the PPC Summit teachers will be sharing their proven techniques and solutions to maximizing internet advertising and increasing profits through PPC advertising.  Click here to learn more about the event.

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