PPC Buzz of the Week – Friday 9/11/09

Google Adwords New Interface

Ok folks, so Google Adwords has now introduced some interesting new interface features which include custom alerts, filter options and spreadsheet editing.  SEM posted a great article on these new features and discussed their functions.  Adwords users can now set up alerts for cost, average CPC, CTR, Average Position and Number of Clicks and Impressions.  In addition to the ability to set up alerts, PPC marketers can now filter keyword reports based on factors such as impressions, cost and CTR.  Lastly, let’s talk about this new spreadsheet editing feature.  More than likely us Adwords users have been using power posting to enter keywords with bids and destination URLs but now we can complete these same tasks from a spreadsheet view.  Let’s all look forward to seeing how this new user friendly interface will improve data analysis and overall campaign optimization.

Woman’s Search Results Lawsuit against Yahoo! is Dropped!

lawsuit-judge-gavelSo earlier this year a woman by the name of Beverly Stayart was extremely dissatisfied with search results for her name and decided to sue Yahoo.  Stayart’s argument was that the results were a “false endorsement under the Lanham Act.”  Unfortunately, for Ms. Stayart, the courts have dismissed her lawsuit.  Nathania Johnson, over at SearchEngineWatch.com, has provided some advice for Stayart regarding controlling search results for her name.  Be sure to check it out!

Web Search + Steroids = Super Search by FireFox!

firefoxFireFox has now launched a new search tool that enables users to access 67 of the most widely used engines right from one toolbar search and access all 160 search engines from the tool bar drop-downs.  Some of the searches that users are now able to perform include reverse lookups, records searches and people searches.  Click here for more details.

Tips on Passing Google Exam

googleThis week, Amber over at PPCHero.com gave some great insight on how to pass the Google Adwords Qualified Professional Exam with flying colors.  Some of her tips included utilizing the learning center, knowing how to calculate ROI and familiarizing yourself with Google Adwords ad text policies.  In addition to checking out her article one should also visit the Google Business Channel on YouTube for tutorials that have helped many marketers pass this exam.

Videos with Text Ads Anyone?

Word just came in that Google is now allowing video ads directly under the text ads and these videos can be played right on the search page.  This is nothing less than another step forward in the world of online advertising made by the search giant.  This new feature opens doors to new calls to action for you ad copy writers out there.  Now you can include lines such as “view trailer below” or “watch video below.”  Google has yet to announce how advertisers would be charged; however, I’m sure this feature will be a great benefit to your PPC campaigns.  Click here to see a screen shot of how the video ad would look on a Google search results page.

Until next week…Keep on Searching!

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