Help Me Find You in a Sea of 2500 Blogging Women!

Amidst the last minute scramble of getting ready for BlogHer ’10; I have a list of Bloggers that I would love to find and connect with in New York City this weekend. Of course, I know there will be way too many incredible women who I want to meet and who I should meet and I know I won’t get a chance.

I Invite Bloggers to Find Me

While I am officially going as my adoption blogger self, I know I will end up talking about work related things. I know I won’t be able to help it. It’s part of the whole picture and who I am, plus it’s kind of like the next step in blogging. I went from a single blog to a career in social media and working directly with brands. Plus, I see what I do, both professionally and personally, as a facilitator of connections. So if I can help other bloggers connect with brands that can help them, that works on all fronts!

So I’m just going to put it out there, if you are interested in any of the following, then please find me!!

And not to be sexist, if there are any sports minded or auto bloggers out there, I’ll have stuff for you too!

I am connected to my Iphone pretty much all the time and will be checking Twitter, so one of the best ways to find me is to throw me a Tweet @FauxClaud.  I’m staying at the Hilton and if BlogHer is like most other conferences, then I will pretty much be at the Hilton the whole time. I will also be at the following parties:

Not sure who I am? That’s OK: here’s my mug, tweeting of course on my pink phone:

Basically, look for crazy long red hair, lots o’ black clothing, tattoos, and a loud voice tinged with a NY accent.  I’ll be hanging out with the Adoption blogging ladies from GIMH and probably waving my arms around a lot. I do that.