As of today, I’m the owner of not one, but three drum sets.  While I did my share of ‘mama-daddies’ and ‘paradiddles’, I’m only an amateur drummer at best, and the drums the legacy of my father, who had been a really great drummer.  As a child, he was selected to perform on the Ted Mack Amateur Hour.  Prior to one show, Ted Mack took a group of the talents to meet his predesessor Major Bowes at the latter’s estate.  Evidently,  Bowes had an oversized model railroad, and that was the one detail that stuck with Dad.

A small detail of history…

One of the great things about the technnology changes we have witnessed in our lives is the change in access to media.  In older times, if you were a talent, you’d need to somehow get noticed on the Major Bowes or Ted Mack Amateur Hour programs, and later, Ed Sullivan.  Today, you can post to YouTube.

One of my favorites is a musician on YouTube who goes by the moniker of “MysteryGuitarMan”.  Many of his video shorts had to have required dozens of hours in the making, and in the case of a few, the help of friends.  But the bottom line is these are works of a talented individual.

I asked a thirteen-yearl old if he had seen Mystery Guitar Man, and he replied, “of course, everyone has”. Have you?  If you have seen a particular YouTube that you think we MUST all know about, please include it here.

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