social media wonk lairI’ve just gone through a major game-changing life event – I stepped down as CEO of Oxclove Workshop, a company that I founded over 10 years ago.  Its a bittersweet time, after all, Oxclove was my baby.  It started as a one-person company out of the very room that I’m writing this blog today.  Over the years, many talented individuals have worked at Oxclove – and we’ve had many wonderful clients.  Today, my partner Jim Edelstein, and David Yakir are taking the company to the next level.

The sweet part is the plan to focus on my work at DragonSearch and on my painting.    With Peter Paul Rubens as  role model, we can’t rule out the notion that an artist CAN do other things, like business. Rubens not only ran a successful atelier, bought and sold antiquities, but he was often also called on to be a court diplomat.

At DragonSearch, I spend a lot of time reading, speaking, researching, and experimenting with the Next Big Thing, whatever the Next Big Thing might be.  Part of the master plan is for me to take some time off, catch up on reading, and start putting some things I’ve been thinking about to paper .  Hopefully, it will help me clarify my thoughts, share with others, and get some good feedback and connect with other people in this arena.  I would do this, even if I remained in visible… the work in and of itself, I’m sure, will take me along to the “next place”.

A big snowstorm has hit the Hudson Valley, forcing me to stay home.  Its great… ALL DAY I get to read blog posts, catch up on reading and writing.  The odd thing, it seems like this could easily be a full-time job.  So: first day of being a full-time social media web-stuff-is-changing-the-world wonk.  One of the first challenges, is focusing.  Hitherto, I’ve just picked up books, magazines, randomly perused blogs, tweets, and facebook posts. I need to focus.  I need to choose five or so blogs, and read them every day.   Here is my list for now:

Six Pixels of Separation, Mitch Joel
Occams Razor Avinash Kaushik
Going Social Now Shiv Singh
Chris Brogan Chris Brogan
In Over Your Head
Social Media Today

Next, day two.

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