Here’s my list of Social Media wonks to follow on Twitter.  Caution, some of these individuals are frequent posters – and keeping up with their tweets can be daunting.  But the gems that pop up here and there are well worth the effort.

  1. Guy Kawasaki (GuyKawasaki) – as of today, over 147K followers, with nearly 27K updates
  2. Tara Hunt (missrogue) – author of Whuffie
  3. Matt Cutts (mattcutts) – the horse’s (Google’s) mouth
  4. Chris Brogan (chrisbrogan) – author of Trust Agents
  5. Clay Shirky (cshirky) – author of Here Comes Everybody
  6. Beth Kanter  (kanter) – big focus on non-profits
  7. Chris Anderson (chr1sa) – Wired editor, author of The Long Tail and Free
  8. Peter Shankman (skydiver) – author of Can We Still Do That
  9. Josh Bernoff  (jbernoff ) – author of Groundswell
  10. Charlene Li (charleneli) – author of Groundswell

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