by Steve LaLonde – PPC Manager at DragonSearch

 Everybody makes mistakes.  Mistakes, to some extent, are perfectly normal, and even expected.  But there are certain types of mistakes just one person can make, which can shed a negative light, or generate negative impressions (get it, impressions) for an entire brand or organization. 

Mistakes in PPC ad texts are one such example.  A typo here, a grammatical error there, no biggie, right?  Well, I’m not so sure. 


This is the real life PPC ad which gave me the idea for this blog post: 

 funny ford ppc ad


Not to pick on Ford in particular, but they’re not exactly renowned for quality right now as it is. Ironically, they’re copywriters or PPC managers aren’t too reliable either.  This broken down PPC ad doesn’t exactly roll of the tongue.  I wonder how many thousand impressions this ad generated?  I wonder if it’s still being displayed?!  *This is a real ad I spotted in Google SERPS several weeks ago. 

I hope this post serves as a friendly reminder to apply a bit of quality control to your PPC efforts, especially when it comes to your PPC ad text!  

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