Meltwater Buzz by the Meltwater Group is the latest social media monitoring tool to undergo extensive research by DragonSearch.  Meltwater Buzz fell into my lap long after my social media tool research had come to a close; however, I made an exception for the love of the Internet. Luckily, Meltwater Buzz has quite a bit to offer for the price point.

Meltwater Buzz Features, Advantages and Benefits

Just as with the past social media monitoring tools that we have reviewed, Meltwater covers all of the basic features with ease. This includes white labeling, multiple users, author demographics, etc. Another perk of Meltwater Buzz? The tool allows you to set up pre-designated clusters for audience segmentation. In other words, you can categorize mentions based on your targeted audiences and build a database of resources for future research.

Meltwater Buzz’s starting package also offers 300,000 search results and mentions. This is approximately three times the amount of results included in Radian 6’s standard package for $1,800 month.  For any agency interested in pitching national clients or monitoring more than just a branded name, Meltwater offers a high enough search result cap for expansive research.

Meltwater Buzz logoAnother cool feature that Meltwater Buzz has to offer is a built-in link tracking tool. Rather than relying on a tool similar to, users have the luxury of removing “link shortener” from the never-ending list of required resources for marketers. For agencies and companies seeking international capabilities, Meltwater Buzz offers monitoring in 27 different languages. Tie that in with iPhone availability and you’ve got one feature-packed social monitoring tool.

If I Could Change One Thing About Meltwater Buzz, It Would Be…

…the minimum one year contract and full payment due up front. That’s about it. And after speaking extensively with a representative at Buzz, I can attest that payment options are flexible on an individual basis. However, if you can’t afford to invest $15,000 up front, this is not the tool for you. Meltwater Buzz also may not be the best option for contract-commitment phobes. Otherwise, I highly recommend the tool.

Meltwater Buzz Review Wrap-Up: Who Should Use It & Why

Meltwater Buzz interface.Meltwater Buzz really offers quite a lot of bang for the buck. The overall redeeming quality is that the price includes search query setup to ensure that you never lose a night of sleep over Boolean search terms. With a price tag of $1,250/month for a one year contract (full year due upfront), Buzz falls into the lower cost tool category. If you sign up for two years, an additional discount is offered. I recommend Meltwater Buzz for medium-sized agencies as well as for national brands.

While researching Meltwater Buzz, Social Media Consultant Jeff Justice Williams was extremely helpful in identifying how the tool would better serve DragonSearch’s needs.  If you are interested in Meltwater Buzz, you can contact Jeff at [email protected].