meet elizabeth banks, archer roose’s “uninvited guest”

Dragon360 has launched a new digital advertising campaign for Archer Roose, the sustainable luxury canned wine brand, celebrating a delicious new pairing just in time for summer: Founder + CEO Marian Leitner-Waldman co-stars in this hilarious new commercial with actress, writer, director, and now investor, Elizabeth Banks.

The first spot of the campaign, made by creative agency Colossus, is focused on brand awareness, announcing the new equity stake that Elizabeth Banks has taken in Archer Roose, and the self-made role she insists upon: spokesperson. 

Luxury wine. In a can.

Dragon360’s performance-based digital ad campaign for Archer Roose is designed to grow awareness and consideration of the brand’s DTC luxury canned wine offering. Paid media will span Archer Roose’s first foray into connected TV (CTV), as well as a paid social push, particularly across Instagram Stories. Streaming subscriptions lept by 32% last year alone, making CTV a crucial test bed because of its ability to reach addressable audiences, sophisticated first-party targeting (thanks iOS 14), and measurability.

In the :60 version, Marian comes home from work one day and finds that Elizabeth has moved in and taken over: raiding the fridge, drinking her wine, clipping her toenails into the sink — she’s certainly an uninvited guest.  When Elizabeth realizes that she knows a lot about wine and declares herself the new spokesperson, Marian says that she doesn’t need a celebrity beverage endorser: “That’s so cliché. But she just told me that she works here now. Next thing I know, she owns half the company!”

Streaming subscriptions lept by 32% last year alone, making CTV a crucial test bed for the brand.

This data-driven campaign approach seamlessly integrates with the rest of Archer Roose’s digital marketing mix to reach wine-lovers looking for a more convenient and sustainable alternative to wine snobs and conventional glass bottles. Because high-quality wine ought to be planet-friendly, at an accessible price point, and in a format that you can take (almost) anywhere.

Archer Roose’s DTC offering has been a relatively recent pivot for the brand, and, in addition to digital advertising, they have also leaned on Dragon360 to help create a successful, customer-centric digital foundation on

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