Quality Guidelines of Knowing Matt Cutts

In the middle of a call with a client he stopped me.

“Rowler! Do you know that you’re the first SEO that I’ve talked to that hasn’t claimed to know Matt Cutts?”

His southern accent had a tendency to take my chosen title of SEO Rouleur, a French term for a good all-around cyclists, and mispronounce it with his distinct Southern twang.

“Nooooo! Are you serious?!” I replied.

“Yes, sir. First one. One monkey told me ‘Oh, yeah. I’m going to go have lunch with Matt later today!’ Holidays are coming up rowler, you better get yourself invited to his table ‘cuz we need to get out of this Penguin mess!”

Do You Know Cutts?

It was pretty funny at first. But the head smack moment came when we started having discussions with businesses owners who had websites obliterated by the Penguin algorithm. One call after another I was asked variations of the same question:

“Who do you know on the web spam team?”

“When was the last time you talked to Cutts?”

“When will you ask Matt to let us back in the SERPs?”

Who Does Know Matt Cutts?

Now, I don’t know anyone on the web spam team and I certainly don’t know Matt Cutts so I asked around the DragonSearch office in search of someone who does:



With no concrete answers to be found; I went to LinkedIn:



Come on, man! You Don’t Know Cutts Either.

I think it’s safe to say with a scant 360 connections on LinkedIn, you don’t know Matt Cutts either.

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And if you do know Matt Cutts, can you give him a high-five and tell him I said to keep up the good work?