This week, UsDragons had one of the most engaged, interesting and thought-provoking conversations that I’ve been part of since joining DragonSearch. And the person responsible for inspiring the back-and-forth wasn’t even in the room… any more.

We Were Just Thinking

Marty Weintraub of AimClear Visits DragonSearch

Marty Weintraub shares with Dragons

Last week, Marty Weintraub of aimClear graciously visited our Upstate New York office, providing some incredible insight into the world of Facebook ads, data research and intelligent social brand building. And so much more.  But beyond the topics he covered, or even the content of what Marty presented, the greatest gift he gave was… he got us thinking! Now, hold on. Don’t go wondering, “Hadn’t they been thinking up until that point?” Of course we had, all the time. Part of the fun of working in digital marketing is that it is constantly changing so, we are always looking at ways to improve what we do and how we do it.  And so, having Marty Weintraub in our office for several hours was part of that effort. Just as our own Ric Dragon had done earlier in the year with the aimClear staff, Marty came here to share and inspire. He wanted to be in a room of smart people and help them be even smarter.  I’d say… mission accomplished.

A Whirlwind of Energy, Enthusiasm and Smarts

Marty Weintraub of aimClean at DragonSearch Office in Kingston, NY

Marty and the Dragons

There are people who say they are passionate about certain things. Then there are people who don’t have to say it…you just know it.  Marty Weintraub is one of the latter when it comes to marketing and the new tools available that make it more effective. His energy and enthusiasm, coupled with a mind that is part engineer, part scientist, part statistician, and part creative director, provided a great deal of inspiration. At one point, Marty had finished an enlightening presentation that delved into some really cool techniques for data intelligence gathering.  And then it was time for lunch. The schedule had a few Dragons and him at a nearby restaurant. Marty refuted that plan. “Let’s stay here, get some stuff ordered in and keep going. This is more fun!” We all agreed. From there, it was non-stop Marty, racing from one part of digital marketing to another, stopping along the way for questions that at times came rapid fire and he handled with the spark that has become his trademark. By the end of the five generous hours he spent at DragonSearch, Marty needed to be pushed out the door to make his train on time.  Otherwise…I think he might still be here!

After the Dust Settled

This week we gathered, as we do every Monday, for our company’s lunch and learn. And the topic was clear… what did we get from Marty’s visit and more importantly, what are we going to do with it? Most of us had spent time over the weekend mulling just that question.  Evidence of that was clear when comments started flowing about how to integrate our agency more effectively. I’m a strategist for DragonSearch and spend a good amount of time on the social media side of things. It was quite inspiring  to have a conversation with our PPC team all engaged in solutions-based conversations that had our social media community managers asking how to accomplish client goals using a three pronged, integrated marketing approach with social-SEO-PPC efforts.  That’s a strategist’s dream… thinking about the goals first then finding a solution.  And solutions were coming rapid fire!

So, we thank you, Marty, for throwing some kindling onto the Dragon fire, giving us a lot to consider and even more to do. If knowledge is power, then we all feel like Popeye after a jumbo serving of spinach!