I must admit, with every social media monitoring tool I review the bar gets raised a little bit higher. The social media marketing intelligence services offered by Alerti are by no means exempt from my scrutiny. However, for a reasonably priced tool, Alerti has quite a bit to offer.

A Review of Alerti’s Online Business Intelligence Features

The Alerti app for Apple iPhone

The Alerti app for Apple iPhone (image via Apple)

For a low-cost social media monitoring tool, Alerti’s features are certainly competitive. To start, Alerti has the basics covered: exportable reports, archived queries, email alerts and task assignment. Based on the pricing plan, collaborators can share dashboards and follow-ups can be assigned to team members accordingly. Just as most tools do, Alerti monitors the various social networks as well as blogs, forums and news websites.

However, Alerti takes their business intelligence a step further by integrating both Twitter and Facebook insights. The Facebook insights exceed beyond fan growth and include the identification of ‘top fans.’ This type of service I beneficial for companies interested in finding their biggest brand advocates. Another advantage, which I have seen in very few tools (even at the highest price point), is a mobile app for the iPhone.

In addition, Alerti incorporates 40 different languages. Up until this point, Meltwater Buzz took the trophy home for most languages with 27 total. Overall, Alerti is a nice entry-level tool with a more-than-reasonable price point. If you are working with a limited budget and require a moderate level of social media monitoring, Alerti is a great option.

Where Alerti Falls Short in Terms of In-Depth Social Media Analysis

Business intelligence services for online marketing by Alerti

As with every tool I have monitored, I will continue to stress the concept of “different strokes for different folks.” If in-depth social media monitoring is what you desire, Alerti is not for you. I’ve seen an extensive lineup of features in many tools on the market that Alerti unfortunately does not have. Of these features, Google Analytics integration, site mozRank, topic discovery and link tracking are all absent. By link tracking, I am referring to dedicated URLs by which campaigns can be tracked throughout Alerti. While this is still manageable using external resources—such as Bit.ly—the extra step has a tendency convolute the process.

Furthermore, Alerti does not offer audience or author demographics. This allows for a rather shallow understanding of the content of mentions. If you are looking to sync Alerti with your current CRM or company database, you may want to think again. While mentions are completely exportable in the form of a .csv file, Alerti does not offer an open API for developers.

Who Should Use Social Media Intelligence Tool Alerti & Why

Alerti is a great tool for individual brands or marketing agencies to use if they are more interested in brand mentions than in-depth campaign tracking and audience segmentation. I can imagine using Alerti as a reputation management tool—particularly for companies that prefer not to use social media. There are instances in which clients of mine regularly monitor online reviews, and Alerti would be an affordable option for implementing this process.

The most expensive plan for Alerti is a mere $70 and includes 200 searches. This offers enough queries for even a national brand to comfortably monitor mentions. There is even a free plan available that allows two searches per month. The $25 plan offers 50 searches and the $50 plan offers 100 searches. With a 30-day contract, Alerti is also a great entry-level tool for companies that are still trying to figure out what social media metrics are important to them.