Motorola from the Mad Men Days; Vintage Ads for our Home Entertainment Systems

They were very cool. Shiny black with grooves, prestigious record company spinning labels, occasionally with a beautiful picture cover; they all fit nicely in a decorated carrying case, and playing them on most turntables necessitated an accessory – a plastic, or upscale metal, 45 RPM adaptor insert to make the hole smaller! 45 revolutions per minute.  You could take good care of them, hold them only by the edges, only play one at a time so they wouldn’t scratch each other on the changer, put them back carefully in their sleeve. Or if you preferred, pile them up, toss them around, write your name on them, and twirl them on your finger. It all depended on how scratchy you wanted your music to sound!

record player with records

As the Record Turns…

Portable, tough, light, turntables made out of that same miracle material that created the Chevy Corvettes – and it was Hi-Fi. No low level sound here! Hi Fidelity circa 1950’s. The case lid designed to act as a baffle in an ‘almost’ acoustically perfect case. The words ‘Almost’ & ‘Virtually’ have remained the constant bridge through decades of advertising.

Motorola Advertising in the 50’s – Same As Right Now!

The days of Mad Med are long past, but this portable turntable vintage print ad still looks exciting, and not surprisingly, it is very similar to the 2012 magazine print ad for the new Motorola Droid RAZR phone!  Oh yeah, this one will play all your music too (…and I’m sure you don’t mind the addition of video phone & email capability as well.) It flaunts that new portability for your back pocket – “7.1 thickness” – and a miracle – “special Kevlar material backing, and Gorilla Glass!” No moving parts though – we can’t spin our head around as we count the revolutions. But sometimes revolutions are no revolutions at all – music to-go / magic materials / buttons & switches / your friend’s got one – and you want one too! We love our gadgets – they are our semi-upscale politically correct decadence. Hey, to be cool you have to have one.

cell phone droid razr

The Motorola ad for the turntable and the Droid are both ones to salivate over. And take your pick – vintage scratchy vinyl music for your listening pleasure or modern MP3 compromised compressed audio. What goes around (at 45 or other revolutions) comes around again!