There are many social media sites in which when a user tags a web page, the system looks for images on the web page to use as a featured image.  You can see this in effect when you link to a web page in Facebook – you are then free to choose an image on the target page to use as a featured image.  If an image is not inline, however, but positioned as a background graphic, that image won’t be available as a featured image.

In web development, there are two ways of showing an image:

  1. Using the IMG tag, actually embedding an image in the HTML code
  2. Using CSS, embedding an image as a background graphic

If your logo is not inline, you’re limiting your fan’s freedom to share your logo as a featured image.  I’ve encountered this often when I’m trying to bookmark a page in Pinterest or A lot of web developers have been doing the latter, placing the logo as a graphic element in a background graphic of the masthead area.


Marketing Profs is an example of a site that doesn’t have their entire logo inline – and thus when I went to link to their site on Facebook, their logo isn’t available as a featured image.

Test your web pages to make sure your fans can use the images that are best going to represent you.

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