We’ve coached many local businesses to embrace social. In fact, I have a personal quixotic vision to see our own business community go really social. But it’s a bit like when telephones first came to the county, when about half thebusinesses had them, and half didn’t. The telephony-enhanced folks said they were the best things since sliced bread, while the tin-can-and-strings bunch said they just didn’t see what all the fuss was about.  I see the same thing going on with social media. 

Great example of local business promoting their connection on social media

So when I see a local business promoting their social media connections it warms my heart.    With this Bistro To-Go sign, I just had to stop, and chat with the owners a bit.  For my troubles, I got one of the best spiced-apple pastries I’ve ever had. 

On another occassion, I spotted this sign below, at a regional mall.  Now, if you think about it, a mall could be a perfect place to go social.  They are the new town square in many communities, and even offer events.  While I was at the Galleria, a troop of leder-hosen alpine dancers were strutting to the sounds of an accordian. (“Strutting” might not quite be the word… they were sort of holding hands with their partners and doing a bit of a skipping move). 

On the other hand, the Galleria’s website is not a great resource for information about what is at the mall.  Which should be a reminder to us, that if you’re going to make social work, you should have your online house in order. 


For much of this past weekend, Buzz was the buzz. While they still have some kinks to work out, its notable that Buzz has a tab for “nearby”.  Seems to me to all be pointing to that Quixotic vision of mine. 

Now where was that windmill?

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