PPC Buzz Of The Week – Friday 10/02/09


Landing Page Optimization Podcast

A new PPC podcast on optimizing landing pages has been released.  This highly informative podcast touches topics such as PPC ads, Landing Page Graphics, Landing Page Navigation and Landing Page Trust building.  If you’re looking for great ways to increase conversion rates, I definitely recommend you check this podcast out.  Trust me; it will be worth your time.

Google Expands Hot Trends Feature

This week Google announced its expansion of its hot trends feature.  This feature will be listing more than 100 of the most popular search queries searched within the past hour.  Not only will you be able to see the most popular queries, but you will also be able to view a preview beneath the query telling you about the search’s history and its popularity within the past hour.  Click here to view the Google trends page.


2nd Annual SearchCamp Conference….in Philly This Year!

If you happen to be in the Philadelphia area this weekend and are interested in attending an insightful conference on PPC, this year’s SearchCamp event is the place for you to be.  This year SearchCamp will be holding its conference in Philadelphia, PA at Temple University’s Tuttleman Learning Center on October 3rd and 4th.  With over 30 sessions available and an opportunity to have your website reviewed, you won’t want to miss this fun filled event.  Click here for more info on this hot new conference!


5 PPC Tips on Generating Revenue This Holiday Season

So Amber over at ppchero.com has posted some interesting tips on generating more PPC revenue during the upcoming holiday season.  She suggests that us PPC heads run keyword reports, start running promotions early, create a holiday gift finder landing page, re-activate paused campaigns and be ready for ‘Cyber Monday.’  Yes, Cyber Monday.  If you’ve been living under a rock and haven’t heard of Cyber Monday, it’s the Monday after Black Friday.  Everyone who couldn’t find sales at actual stores are searching online for deals on this day, so you want to make sure your keyword bids are bumped up.  For more info on these helpful tips, click here.

Google’s New View-Through Conversion Reporting Feature

Today you can now measure the value of your display ad campaigns by using the view-through conversion reporting feature in the Google Content Network.  This feature quantifies the number of conversions that occurred within 30 days of your display ad appearing with no clicks generated.  This will also enable you to compare the performance of your Google Content Network campaign to the performance of your other campaigns.  Not only will you more easily be able to compare campaigns but it will also help you determine the best places for ad placements and the top ways to place these ads.  We have no doubt that this new feature will make your spent advertising dollars be more effective and profitable.  Click here for more info.

Until next week…Keep on Searching!

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