landing page optimization: how to create effective landing pages

After our successful Advanced SEO workshop at Webgrrls International in NYC this winter, DragonSearch has been invited back to give a workshop on landing page optimization. I’ll be presenting on LPO and how exactly to create effective landing pages for your business, whether lead generation or e-commerce is your goal. Those at the workshop in person will experience live landing page critiques and demos of optimization tools.

For those who can’t attend, here’s a brief overview of what will be covered.

    • Why you need to test pages, even if you think they’re working well already
    • How to craft your value proposition and show value to potential customers
    • How to set up statistically significant, well designed tests with new landing pages
    • Overview of Google Analytics conversion tracking and mining data for results
    • How to use A/B and MVT testing tools with your website
    • Forming an action plan for your business to succeed with landing pages


Presentation Deck for How-to Create Effective Landing Pages

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